The AIE Podcast #206 – Kick Chicken Not Swans

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
–  Our meetup site needs your help!
– DDoS attacks have high DPS!
– Max likes spreadsheets, too
– Wildstar has new suckers – um, management
– Apolas and Dux from LOTRO!
All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE General 

Huge guildie grats to Najara and Mathanugg, two of our fellow guidies who have announced that they are engaged! Everyone give three cheers to the happy couple and go punt a gnome just for them! (Reminder: Mkallah is not a gnome!) group needs your help- if you are a member of our meetup group, you probably wondering what the message about being no organizer meant.  We had originally decided to close down the group since the usage didn’t appear to justify the cost of the group.After consideration, though, we decided to let our members have a say whether it should live on. We are now accepting optional dues of $10 per year.  There are no usage or subscription restrictions if you don’t contribute, but do ask that members who find the service useful to consider helping to fund it. Additionally, we have shortened the name from “Alea Iacta Est Gaming Community” to “Alea Iacta Est”, so it will be easier to find. And, our wonderful guildies already stepping up, we are already getting donations.  If you want to help out, please go to our meetup site and click member dues link on the left hand side. And thanks to you guys who have already done so!

Also, our Dragoncon meetup is going on RIGHT NOW!  Hosted by the newly engaged readMathanug,  is sure to be a good time for all down at the Joysticks Game Bar.  And if you are at Dragoncon, keep an eye out for a ton of guildies who will be attending the fun.

AIE: World of Warcraft

Have you had a hard time logging into game lately?  And we don’t mean the pre expansion blues, either, but the nasty DDoS attacks that have been going on.  Blizzard is aware of the issue and is working with their ISP to improve the situation.

Want something to do before the next expansion?  Take a look at the forums- there are leveling groups, RP groups, old school groups, mat gathering groups and more!

Also- as you know, Blizzcon is coming- and we REALLY want to have a guild hall.  We will have some exciting news coming in the next few weeks about what we are doing- and how you (yes, you) can help!

AIE: Star Wars The Old Republic

There is a new ask a SWTOR Guildie up on the forums, and this time Drumax is the victim- I mean subject, of this ultra fun way to get to know your guildies better.

Maxx is jealous of tetsemi’s spreadsheets so he did a market analysis the best use for Dark Projects and Frameworks for guild ship unlocks.

And don’t forget, The Amazing Race, Season Two, SWTOR edition starts September 2nd- that’s next Tuesday!

Speaking of SWTOR, Sema and Max just celebrated one year of podcasting with the 52nd episode of the Escape Pod Cast!  Head on over the Itunes and seach for SWTOR: Escape Podcast to find them, or the links are in the show notes.

AIE: Wildstar

The new CO-guilds are up and running in Wildstar!  We have new blood- um, sucker, ummm, officer, as Vrynn (Syl) has agreed to join the ranks of the Cupcakes.  Sadly, due to real life constraints, Kav has had to step down as game director of Wildstar and Jehdai is crazy enough to have agreed to take over.

AIE: Star Trek Online

The Crystaline Entity is back- log in and complete the mission to earn 50,000 dullithium, a holographic bridge officer, and more.  Plus, Free items being given away all weekend from the C-store!

And with that, let’s get back to Apolas and Dux and find out what’s going on in LOTR..

AIE: Lord of the Rings Online – with Apolas and Dux

  1. Update 14, thePaths of the Dead
    1. 5 new regions
      1. Paths of the Dead (Ben)
        1. Here lived relatives the Dunlendings, that broke an oath to Isildur.  He cursed them.
      2. Blackroot Vale (Dux)
        1. change in architecture; town built onto the side of the mountain, similar to how Minas Tirith will look.
        2. Stone of Erech – Oathbreakers.
      3. Lamedon (Dux)
        1. River valley with small towns.
        2. bounty quests (lv 96-98)
      4. The Havens of Belfalas (Dux)
        1. Edhellond (Elf-Haven, founded in the 1st Age by Elves from Doriath, and used as a port for Elves as they left Middle-Earth.
        2. The beacons of Minas Tirith, the beacons are lit!
        3. The Corsairs have invaded from Umbar
      5. The city of Dol Amroth (Dux)
        1. Founded in the 2nd Age, by relatives of Elendil their descendant Imrahil, the 22nd Prince of Dol Amroth led a host of knights and soldiers to the Battle of Minas Tirith.
        2. Swans!
        3. Within the city are many wards; and reputation grinds to gain class-specific gear, essences, pets, and decor items.
    2. 5 more levels, level cap is 100. (Ben)
    3. Essence system & armors in general
      1. essences can be mixed and matched to customize armor to your play-style.  they are random world-drops, and can also be purchased from
    4. Taralang’s Crown (open raid area) (Dux)
    5. Hobnanigans (Ben)
    6. Cosmetic pets (Dux)
      1. Hurons from the Entwood
      2. Swans from Dol Amroth


Kudos to Cinderflame for this week’s show title~