AIE Guild Online Game-a-thon — AGOG 2014

AIE Guild Online Game-a-thon October 4thAie_cube_layers_whitesm3

On Oct 4, 2014 from noon to midnight EDT, we are having the AIE Guild Online Game-a-thon –AGOG 2014!  This fundraiser is to pay for our guild expenses (like web hosting and the 2014 Guild Hall at Blizzcon!)

The AGOG 2014 will be hosted by Acuzod and feature the participation of many guest hosts including guild officers, podcast personalities and more.

This is where YOU come in.  You can contribute to the fundraiser in a few ways:

  1. Play an online game with an officer/celeb from AIE. Every 30 minutes or so, we’ll be kicking off a new game session. All the players meet & exchange info to get in game together and go play for an hour or so. You can see the list of people and purchase one of these slots at the FrogPants store.
  2. Advertising on the AGOG or in the AIE Guildhall at Blizzcon. Whatever you have: a podcast, blog, Etsy store… you can purchase a plug spot that Acuzod, or another host will read during the live stream. Or you can come the stream on yourself to talk about it with the guests and hosts—or, you can even get an advertisement up on the wall at the actual AIE Guildhall at Blizzcon.  All available at the FrogPants store.
  3. If you don’t want to plug or play anything, but just love AIE (and swag). We have 3 backer levels where you can get an AIE postcard, tee shirt and or mug. You know it’s on the FrogPants store.

Some of the special game play items coincide with this fall’s AIE Craft Fair in WoW.  Two lucky (and fast) people will become the King and Queen of the Craft Fair.  This include in-game items and other surprises.  Or you could be the Craft Fair Prize Roller—come on live in the AGOG stream and roll the dice to determine the big prize winners for the craft fair raffles.

Come get your game on and help us pay our bills and make a great AIE Blizzcon Guildhall!