The AIE Podcast #205 – Turbo Powered Diplomatic Incident

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
– We have Meetups
– The Nomads are coming to Smite
– Star Wars has an amazing race
– We have a date for the Fall Craft Faire
– Turboaddiction and Hoots are here to talk all about EVE!
All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE Meetups
Are you coming to Dragoncon and want to hang out with some of the members of the finest guild around? AIE has a meet-up planned for at Joystick Game Bar in Atlanta in just one earth week, August 28th from 7-10. Also, the Final Fantasy Fan Festival is coming to Las Vegas on October 17 and we are planning a mini guild hall at the Rio Hotel.

AIE Nomads
The Nomads head into Smite tongith at 9:00 Eastern Standard Time, so once you are done here, head on over to to play. What is Smite? Well, it is a 1st person MOBA that has a traditional MMO feel to it, where you get to play any variety of mythological beings. Can’t play tonight? No worries, head on over to the Imperium Ludi section of the forums to see where the Nomads are drifting to next.

AIE Star Wars
The Amazing Race, Season two in Star Wars, the Old Republic starts September 2nd and runs every Tuesday through September 29th. You have until August 30th to sign up, which you will want to, as one million credits is on the line! To run in the race, you must be on a level 55 Republic toon and you need to have AIE mumble installed. The winner Reminder, again, Vent expires September 1st.

AIE World of Warcraft
The AIE Fall Craft Faire has been announced- join AIE in Silvermoon City on October 4&5. There is lots of information on the wiki including leveling guilds, materials needed, and of course the history of this mainstay in the AIE calendar.
Interested in RP but don’t know where to start? Check out the RP section of the AIE Azeroth Forums, where there are various events and opportunities posted.

AIE Guild Wars
Guild wars 2’s feature pac was featured in guildmag! The new content even has a video outlining the new features coming to the game! A full list of the new content is up on the guild wars site, and of course discussion is already going on the forums! We missed you guys, glad to see you back in the news!

AIE Final Fantasy
Patch 2.xx launched yesterday and as usual, square outdid themselves on their patch notes! The patch comes with new content including a crafting faction, new foods so that you can dye your chocobo, and of course new pets!

AIE Star Trek Online
Star trek online is also getting into the event fun! From now until thursday september 11th, max level characters can take on the crystalline entity earning new currency every 20 hours, of course there are new reputations and normal and elite versions of the event to participate in!


Stu is a terrible person and skipping out because of some graduation party so I’m going to rudely jump into the podcast when I get home at about 6:25pm pacific time – Hoots Thanks, Hoots!

The last time someone from Eve was here Eve Fanfest had just wrapped up and we were starry-eyed from all the cool changes announced.

One of the main changes that came to Eve has been the new 6 week release cycle, instead of have big monolithic expansions twice a year. We have already had too pretty big release Kronos and now Crius. Crius, stirred up quite a bit of controversy, as it completely overhauled Industry

I didn’t do much industry before the changes, but afterwards it definitely makes industry clearer and easy to do as a newer players. There is, still, of course the complexity just like anything in Eve, but on the surface, building stuff has change from “spreadsheet” like interface to more user friendly and easy to understand interface.

Hyperion In-Development Video:
Scheduled for August 26th and is focusing on:
Player Vs Environment (PvE) -Burner missions and Incursion updates
New Eden Store expands
Head gear
Faction Jackets
Cybernetic Arms
Character Resculpting
Gifting Game time via PLEX
Shareable Overviews

What have I been doing in Eve?
Started flying lots of new and interesting ships, from Interceptors, to Interdictors, to the Corp Rorqual.
Lost an interdictor to bombs defending our SOV from the Provi Menace
Lost a Prorator to PL, because I failed to scout the gate.
Building way many, many fuel Blocks to fuel Hoots’ madness with towers.

Not sure why but i tend to be a diplomatic incident generator so hooI ts made me a diplomat.
I bought a freighter and made one shipment and caused all kinds of opsec diplomatic incidents.
I lost the one ship that had been with me since i joined aieu in feb. of this year because i’m bad. My poor gila dubbed Malcolm Reynolds for its resemblance to the serenity will be missed.
I’m making a small fortune in relic anomaly hacking.
Trying as hard as i can to get the word of AIEU spread across new eden.
As recon officer im Working on an opsec mission for our fearless leaders doing opsec in opsec to plan for more opsec in opsec.

What is AIEU up to in Eve?
BRAVE and HERO coalition in moving into Null Security space, marking the return of AIEU to Sovereignty Null Sec.
Lots of content, Ratting(PvE), bombing, Mining, Planetary interaction, PvP, Strat Ops, you name it, we got it.
We also have groups and individuals from all over New Eden coming to spend quality time with us and our neighbors. 🙂
Contest for Top of Corp killboards
Official/Unofficial PI/Fuel Block Materials buyback
We are Recruting! If you would like a free trial, just talk to myself or anyone in AIEU and we can get you a buddy code for 21-day trial.


Kudos to Mewkow for this week’s show title!