AIE Podcast Ep 202 – Summer of a Whole Lotta Love

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
– Beta updates and pets!
– Recruit a friend
– Ventrillio has a deadline
– AIE Remembrance day’s across the board
And we have Nevermore and Syreyne here to talk about the summer of love

Podcast Audio

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Guildside News

Those fine folks down in Arizona are at it again! This time with a guardians of the galaxy type meetup on saturday August 2nd. Not out Mkallah’s way? Well what about Zod’s on August 28th for AIE’s Dragoncon meetup? No? Still out of the way? Well how about you set up your own meetup! We have a site for that! Joining is free, planning is easy, and hey! It emails everyone for you!

AIE’s ventrillo server has a deadline! Have you noticed that vent has been a ghost town lately? Well we have recently started the great migration over to mumble! The ventrillo server, sadly, is going down in september, so make sure you install mumble and move your chats over! Worried about your log in? Well don’t! Your UMAMI credentials are your mumble credentials!

World of Warcraft

A post on twitter has confirmed that model updates for the blood elves will not be available for the launch of Warlords of Draenor. No news when the patch including their updated models will hit, but we don’t imagine the horde’s fairest race will have to wait too long. This is the only race that will be patched in later fortunately, which is pretty good since blizzard announced early on that not every race would be updated for the launch.

Beta news!! Have you seen all the fantastic pets added to the beta?? (yes alludra wrote this!) well they are the bringers of big news, it seems blizzard is revamping the holidays! You know, those events in game where sudden wreaths appear and you are supposed to do things that have grown stale? Well the beta is pointing to new events, with new prizes, and yes, new pets! Yay!!

This weekend- the valor buff is back in Wow- starting tomorrow and going through Sunday.

Final Fantasy

Recruit a friend has hit Eorzea! If you have a friend tentative about trying out Final Fantasy 14, now’s your chance to get them in the game, with a bonus to you! Simply send them a message through the mog station to earn rewards when they pay for their first month of game time. What kind of rewards? How about a new hat that helps boost leveling (until level 25) or a multi passenger mount!

Final fantasy is also celebrating their one year anniversary soon! To kick off the planned festivities, they are holding a video contest! If you think you have what it takes to make an awesome video celebrating the first year of the game, check it out! The top 100 entries will get prizes!


Not to be outdone buy all the great things our guests are going to fill you in on, swtor is also running it’s own summer of love event! This is a great chance to dive back into the game and catch up on everything you may have been missing! Details are on the forums, and the events are going on all weekend!

The Secret World

The secret world folks are finally throwing off the shackles of Pyramidion making them redact everything and are planning and august 8th raid on New York city. If you are looking to sign up, the forums are the place to be! Priority will be given to AIE members, but raid slots will also be open to out of guild members, so sign up fast and reserve your spot!

Lord of the Rings Online

Saturday August 2nd, a very busy day it seems, is also the day Lord of the Rings will be holding their own remembrance day festivities. Be in the game at the prancing pony at 8pm eastern, with mumble already configured.

Vanflicke has also pointed out via the forums that there is housing available in the kin’s neighborhood. If you have been holding out on getting some middle earth real estate because you didn’t want to be that far from the guild, now is your chance to jump in.

EVE Online

The crazy guys in AIE Deep space have also decided join in the remembrance day events. Log in on Saturday August 2nd 7:00pm EDT, 4:00pm PDT, remember don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose.

And with that, let’s get back to Syreyne and Nevermore and find out what’s going on in WoW…


Before we talk about Summer of Love, did you guys know that we created an editorial staff for the AIE Gaming Community’s website?  The staff was set up to review articles before publishing.  This affects you because we opened the doors for the community to submit articles!  We announced this over a month ago, and guess what?  We have NOT gotten a single article submitted from anyone outside of the officership.  We want you guys to send us articles!  We want to hear what you have to say!  All the information on how to submit an article is posted on the AIE wiki.  You can also send us an email at

What is Summer of Love:

Summer of Love is a week long series of festivities that grew out of what is probably AIE’s most important guild event.  If fact, this event is so important to the AIE community that it is celebrated across almost every game division that AIE is in.  This event is, of course, our Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day is a permanent guild holiday, but it wasn’t just a random event that AIE started.  Unfortunately, it began with the death of one of our core members.  Someone that was such a fan of AIE.  Someone that knew us inside and out.  Someone that brought fun and kindness, friends and respect.  Someone that was the epitome of what it means to be AIE.  Someone that was such a great person that he is still remembered and honored today.  This person was Bruce Galloway, otherwise known as Milliway.  We lost Bruce on August 2, 2007, and for those that were in AIE at the time, they gathered together and held a vigil in game for him out of love and respect.  This vigil soon became a time honored tradition with the AIE Community.  Every year, on the anniversary of Bruce’s passing, we gather in our respectful games.  We gather together in voice chat.  And we honor his memory and the memory of every player that has been taken away from us much too soon.

Remembrance Day is a time for honor, respect, sorrow, and love.  And, this is the basis for became our Summer of Love events.  They are events held to bring the community together.  They are for fun and to build friendships.  They are exactly the kind of events Bruce would be running if he could.

I’m going to give you a rundown of the events that have already happened and the ones that are coming up in World of Warcraft.  These are guild wide events that everyone in AIE is welcome to attend.  The first event was a Meet and Greet on Monday night.  And since Nevermore is here tonight and she hosted the event, I’m going to let her tell you all about it.

Event Updates:

Monday: (Nevermore) Meet and Greet:

The “Meet & Greet in Mumble” was a HUGE success! Everyone met up outside of Silvermoon City.  Over 50+ guildies attended the event which helped promote the use of AIE’s new Mumble server! I had planned games and trivia for the event, but it instantly evolved into something greated. Guild members took turns sharing stories about who they were, how that came to AIE, etc.  Also, Scott rolled 1,000 for blame for everyone joining and staying in AIE, or at least that’s the story everyone is going with. I’d especially like to thank Syreyne – for helping with invites and promoting right before the event, Rho – for being a friendly neighborhood warlock and assisting with summons, and Allanya for keeping me from having mental breakdowns! 🙂

Tuesday: Story Time RP:

As quoted from Ironclawed, who hosted this event:

“As part of AIE’s “Summer of Love” series, we ‘invaded’ (with permission) Story Night, hosted by Shaw.  Now, this is a roleplaying event that has existed on Earthen Ring for going on SEVEN years now, every Tuesday Night at 8pm, though locations vary.  This week we were out at Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands.  There were over fifty total attendees, with AIE making up at least twenty-five to thirty of them.

Our own Papagede (AKA Moorlu) even told us an entertaining tale of being a chef on a pirate ship, serving up some Jinyu sushi!  (Don’t worry, he actually helped the jinyu escape and served regular fish instead.)  That’s just a small sampling of what Story Night has to offer, though, so we invite you out every Tuesday to join in the fun!  You don’t have to be a roleplayer to attend, you just have to enjoy listening to a good story or two… or twenty!”

Wednesday: Karazhan Run:

We had about 40 people show up for the run.  Everyone stripped off all their gear and weapons and decided to take on the bosses of Karazhan with their bare fists.  We equipped gear as we found, whether it was dusty and gray or epic and covered in ghostly blood.  We divided up into 9 different teams.  The team made up of Natvilcius, Ysaw, Lothria, and Loocivar finished the whole raid first.  The team of Jaricko, Tankibubblz, Minch, Vakkara averaged the highest ilvl.  And the person with the overall highest ilvl was Lothria at 86.

Listening to 9 different raid groups in one Mumble channel was hilarious.  Special thanks to Nevermore, Jaricko, and Grimcow for helping out!

Thursday: COOP:

Creamy Orange Otter Pop

It’s going on RIGHT NOW! Death to the Alliance!

Friday: Running of the Beef 11:

Previous Runs:

  1. Tauren
  2. Gnomes
  3. Undead
  4. Undead
  5. Gerp and Henry (Orc hunter with tiger)
  6. Dwarves
  7. Tauren
  8. Bronies (Lanc – Blood Elf Pally)
  9. Pandas
  10. Trolls
  11. Admiral – Male Human Pally (The newest one!)

This time around, we are doing male human pallys.  I know, silly alliance toons.  But, after the Bottom’s Up video came out, I figured we could all pretend to be Admirals.  We do have a temp guild for everyone to join and we’ll be working on invites from 8:30pm to 9pm server time.  Remember, this is a fun run, no questing, no heirlooms, etc.  If anyone has a high level ally toon they want to dust off for rezzes, that would be awesome.  If you want to help on your high level Horde toon, that’s great too!  I do have to say I have a surprise at the end of the run for all you little baby humans.  Trust me, even if you can’t create a toon, you’re going to want to hang out with us for this.

Saturday: Remembrance Day:

We invite all our WoW members to please assemble at the Shrine of the Fallen Hero on Saturday, August 2nd at 8:00 PM server time in the Barrens [42, 58].  As our tradition dictates we ask that those attending carry no weapons unless you are escorting lower level characters to keep them safe.  A lot of people wear the black tuxes or black dresses, but you can wear your current armor as well.

After which we will march upon Orgrimmar to remind those around us the importance of community and friendship.  Due to the number of guild members that attend this event, we ask that you refrain from using AOEs, ground effects, etc during the march as it can really bog down the graphics.  Not everyone has super PCs that can run on Ultra mode.

We will be using AIE’s Mumble service in the Common:Community channel.  There will be members from other game divisions present on Mumble so please be courteous to those that are speaking.  We highly suggest that you try to set up Mumble ahead of time to make sure you access the different channels.

Takemikazuch is putting together his annual firework display to cap off Remembrance Day and could use some help.  Make sure to reply to his forum post if you’re interested.  If you’re listening live, they are having a brief meeting tonight after COOP.

Sunday: (Nevermore) Pet Battle and Transmog:

Pet Battle Picnic

WHO: Any AIE Guild members who wish to compete, discuss companion pets, or just watch amazing pet battles!

WHAT: Pet Battle Picnic and “My Battle Pet & Me” Transmog Contest

WHEN: Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 from 3pm – 5pm Server Time

WHERE: Northern Cave in Un’Goro Crater

*+* Warlock Summons Will Be Available Especially For Guildies Who Are Unable To Travel To The Event On Their Own! *+*

WHY: It’s an opportunity to meet others interested in pet battles, grow the AIE community, and most importantly to HAVE FUN together!

My Battle Pet & Me – Transmog Contest

Will you be attending the Pet Battle Picnic but aren’t sure what to do for pet battles? Or maybe you just want to hang out with us and have fun?!  Well then this mini event might just be the sort of thing you are looking for! Any AIE guildies are able to enter!

Step 1) Choose your favorite companion pet!

Step 2) Create a transmog outfit set to match your pet- it’s as simple as that!

Once the Pet Battle Picnic is almost over, we will begin the judging of the My Battle Pet & Me Contest!  Please make sure you are able to be there at the end of the event to be included in the judging.

Events Committee – Coming Soon™ – Every time a big guild event rolls around, I realize that events are usually hosted by AIE Officers… which made me wonder why more of our guildies aren’t setting up and hosting in-game events! So I decided to start an AIE Event Committee *Epically Awesome Nickname Of Some Kind To Be Determined Late* where experienced event hosts take time to mentor other guild members interested in hosting events for AIE in Azeroth! Basically I’d like it to be an easy way for them to find someone who can answer questions they might have, and encourage them to plan family friendly guild events more frequently. We have SO many amazing people in AIE that we should be taking advantage of their creative talents! 😉 More information will be available soon once we iron out details, but if you are interested in being a part of the Events Committee, please email!
New Twitter Account – Recently a WoW focused guild twitter account was created for the sole purpose of promoting upcoming guild events like Summer of Love, the Craft Faire, and future activities planned by members of the upcoming Events Committee… Woohoo! See what I did there?! Anyways, @AIE_WoW is now available to follow on Twitter, as a tool to help grow our part of the Warcraft community and bridge the gap between other resources like the guild forums and wiki pages.