EVE Online: Summer 2014 AIEU CEO Update

Disclaimer: This is an EVE Online CEO update intended primarily for an internal audience. EVE Online Players will tell you that CEO Updates are typically propaganda-filled nonsense. In the case of mine, it’s mostly just full of EVE-jargon.

I am writing this on July 15, and a happy late Bastille Day to everyone. We have firmly settled down in Catch, and half of our active players are still hungover from Nerdtacular 2014. Summer is here in full force, and the biggest obstacle in our way isn’t so much this as it is this.

That in mind, this is my first CEO Update since assuming the position in May. In addition to being successful at not accidentally disbanding the corporation, I have been quietly working on a host of projects that are already beginning to pay us dividends of both a literal and figurative sense. I’d like to take this time to update everyone on the current state of the corporation and highlight some of the good work people have been doing and point people in the right direction if they’d like to take part of our glorious madness.

Money, money, money

On the money front, through Polite and Quiet Diplomacy™, the rest of the alliance has neglected to notice (or say anything about) the small army of reaction towers we have erected throughout Catch. While finances have been stable since I assumed the position as CEO, we are now starting to experience a return on some infrastructure investments we made, and we should seeing some modest growth of the corp wallet that’ll enable us to do awesome or possibly stupid things.

Additionally, astute observers will note that one of my first acts as CEO was to reduce the corporate tax rate to 10%. I’m keeping an eye on this for now, but thus far I haven’t missed the extra revenue. Should it become be the case that we need the money, I’ll pop the tax rate back up to 15%.

Free and Subsidized Ships

AIEU continues to offer free ships to all members. To be in compliance with Brave Collective doctrines, we will be phasing out the Atron and updating the Condor fit to be doctrine-compliant, as well as introducing doctrine versions of the Kestrel to our program. As it stands, Condors, Kestrels, Griffins, and Mauluses are free for all corp members.

Additionally, the corp is presently supplying Talwars, Scythes, and Augorors for free, as long as Lanctharus thinks his military budget will support it and as long as Kuda is willing to humor him. Razhoff is still supplying bombers on corporate contract as long as there continues to be a reasonable demand for them.

Fleet Commander Ship Replacement Program (SRP)

Leading a fleet with four or more people? Are you flying a BRAVE doctrine ship? Want to get paid to lead fleets?

Any AIEU FCs who take out fleets with four or more people and write After Action Reports (AARs) and post them on the MyExtraLife EVE subforum will receive 100% SRP value for their ships. The only other restriction is you need to be flying a doctrine ship, up to a cruiser.

Note that you can still apply for alliance ship replacement, so fleet commanders can potentially be earning 125% SRP fees for taking out fleets.

Promotions, Projects, and Recognition

Recently, I’ve promoted Turboaddiction to recon officer. Turbo is going to be helping me execute my crazy directives for scouting and reconnaissance, along with all the other fine folks who do a great deal of recon work. The recon team is on the verge of completing of my first project since I became CEO, and I’m going to have a little something special in store for them once it is completed, before we launch into our next insanity.

A special shout out to an anonymous corpmate who donated a large sum of money to the corporation in June. I’m not certain if he or she wants to be outed, but needless to say, your donation was not unnoticed and the entire directorate and officer group deeply appreciates it.

Finally, congratulations Lanctharus Onzo to his promotion to alliance FC. I hope he abuses his new position to the best of his abilities.

Looking for Space Cadets

The fact of the matter is this: AIEU deserves to have a heck of a lot more people in it, so we are going on a recruitment drive. If you have people who are looking for a corp to join and would make a good fit, absolutely refer them to our UMAMI page and we’ll get them in as quickly as possible. Spies are welcome, as long as they are polite, respectful, and otherwise value the AIE-ethos.

Speaking of the AIEU-ethos, I’d like to remind everyone of the family-friendly nature of AIE infrastructure. This applies to the Mumble server, the forums, and channels in EVE administered by AIE (such as the corporation channel and AIEU_Public). As a corporation one of our biggest assets is our culture and our origins, and I intend on offering a place for players in New Eden who want an atmosphere that is welcoming to all playstyles, creeds, and backgrounds. I intend for AIEU to be the embodiment and ambassadors of the “Stay Classy” motto championed by the Brave Collective, and I want to make AIEU a light onto the citizens of New Eden, a beacon of hope, and a place to play EVE that is safe and fun, if a little bit zany.

Remembrance Day

On Saturday, August 2nd, AIEU will be participating in our community-wide Remembrance Day. I will be personally leading a fleet to Titanomachy at 10:00pm central time, and I will be extending this invitation to the entire alliance and coalition, and for anyone who wishes to honor members of the community we have lost.

Uncle Hoots Needs You!

Want to help the corporation and give back to the motherland in some tangible way? There are many “career” paths you may take to advance the interest of AIEU, and I’d like to outline some of them here and some of the exciting work we’ve been doing.

Logistics – Director StupidGenius Charante has been slaving away and is probably ready to murder me if I ask him to ship anything more than he’s already been shipping. The bad news for him is that I have grand ambitions for moving things back and forth, so he has requested a clarion call for any and all willing freighter pilots who’d be willing to help him with the highsec route.

Recon – Recon has been doing some amazing work, and anyone interested in helping out should contact Turboaddiction or myself to help contribute to whatever mad schemes I have.

Diplomancering and Recruiting – Anyone want to report directly to me and promote either Gunboat or Polite and Quiet Diplomacy? Anyone think they’d be good at convincing people to join AIEU from the wider AIE, EVE, or video game world? You’re in luck, I’m looking for recruiters and have a fancy title for you and a host of suggestions. Talk to me or shoot me an EVE mail if you’re interested.

Moon Management Team – If you think you’re incredibly trustworthy, if you can fly a blockade runner, and if you don’t mind moving things back and forth every day or two, let me know and I’ll put you to work.

Military – Lanctharus is always looking for people to take up the mantle of FC, and additionally, I wouldn’t mind seeing people take out ratting fleets to make themselves and everyone in the corp a little bit of ISK.

Podcast Submissions – Think you have a good idea for CapStable, or a knack for an audio segment, or a general announcement? Email us at podcast@capstable.net and we’d be more than willing to include it in the show.

Alliance Cohesion and Strat Ops – Really, above all else, be signed up for Brave Collective Jabber. Participating in strat ops and fleets is never a bad way to go, and there’s no shame in grabbing from our free ship hangar to participate in a strat op.


This concludes the Summer 2014 Alea Iacta Est Universal CEO Update. Fly safe, and stay tuned for the next AIE Community-wide Town Hall Meeting, to be announced soon™.

Drewson “Hoots” Houten