AIE Podcast Ep 201 – The Wrath of Mkaaallaaahn!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
Alludra: It’s the Summer of Love!
Mkallah:It’s my first episode!
Zod: Get to the choppah
Alludra: The cupcakes are rising!
Mkallah: And we have RattoZatto here to talk about AIE in Star Trek Online
All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE: World of Warcraft

It’s time once again for AIE’s yearly Summer of Love event. This is where AIE holds a number of events across a number of our games just to show how much we love each other. Of course, being the grandaddy of the AIE games, the World of Warcraft gang has quite a few events planned. There will be a Story Night Invasion on Tuesday, July 29th; a COOP run on Thursday, July 31st; a Running of the Beef on Friday, August 1st;  a pet battle and transmog contest on Sunday August 3rd, and most importantly, the AIE Remembrance ceremony will be on Saturday, August 2nd. If you want to learn more about these cornerstone events in the AIE world, we’ve got links in the show notes, or of course, go to the forums.

World of warcraft also has released the newest art craft! This round is focusing on the female tauren models! So if you are a female tauren and want to see the amazing upgrades head on over to the warcraft main page.

Also, the iron skyreaver mount is 40% off this week! The sale ends on June 29th, so if you wanted a two headed dragon but didn’t want to shell out the entire $15 for it, then now’s the time to jump on it.

And this JUST IN- the Horde Chopper is coming! Log in anytime between now and September 30 to get your account flagged to receive the new mount upon the launch of Warlord of Draenor.


Also joining in on the Summer of Love, the gang from AIE in Star Wars the Old Republic will be holding a Pilgrims and Pancakes event on Tuesday, July 29th. This is a combination of an easy Nightmare Pilgrim kill, followed by jumping off of an ice bridge on Hoth, turning yourself into pancakes at the bottom. (Pilgrims and pancakes, get it?)


No strangers to secret ceremonies, there is a rumor going around that AIE in The Secret World will be holding an event of their own at the church in Kingsmouth on Wednesday, July 30th. to be followed with some lair runs on Solomon Island

AIE: Final Fantasy

AIE in Final fantasy will be holding a Remembrance Day event, with a walking procession starting from the Sanctum of the Twelve heading to the guild house, where there will be a special dedication.

This is probably a good time to mention that after much effort, the FF gang finally got their house. (Yay!) Ward 4 plot 6 in gradania, on of course the gilgimesh server. Our massive mansion is already filling with furniture as we speak thanks to the efforts being coordinated by lil’phist and anyone who can craft. Private rooms are avaialble for purchase, but remember they are 300 thousand gil each, and you need to be a certin level with your grand company.

AIE: Wildstar

And finally, those cupcakes from AIE in Wildstar are really getting gears in motion. If you haven’t yet, be sure to post about your self in the introductory thread on the forums. There’s also a raid team forming up looking for more, and we’re extremely happy to announce that the gang have started up a podcast called The Wildstar Port. It’s definately a podcast!

And with that…


Previously, on Star Trek Online:  With tension rising among the Voth, Romulan Republic, Klingon Empire, and Federation, a surprise attack is launched against the planet Sol 3, and Qo’noS.  It’s revealed that Species 8472, “The Undine” are finally striking against the major powers in the Alpha Quadrant, to ensure their Iconian allies can not be resisted.  Banding together, the Federation, Klingon Empire, and their joint allied Romulan Republic repel the attackers, and foil the plot.  In a moment of allied friendship, the United Federation and Klingon Defense Force declare a new alliance!  Unfortunately, not wanting to tolerate a possible unified force, an Iconian appears, slaughtering many representatives out-of-hand, and leveling a deadly warning.  Do not stand up against the Iconians, to do so is to seek death.

Risa Summer event!  All the prizes, what to look for next year!

Season 9.5 is live!  Explaining the new crafting system, Dilithium rewards for battle zones, Exploration nebulae change, Doff system UI change.  Also, Oddessey style uniforms seem to be the current canon standard uniform.  Everyone gets the standard version, unlock the tactical and dress uniform versions in the fleet starbase tailor.  If you’ve already bought previous uniform unlocks there, they will be free.

For a Federation guide to how your uniform should look, depending on your rank and possition, see:

Xindi Lockboxes are out, for good or for ill.

The fleet is getting ever closer to finishing the Dilithium Mine asset.

Now, live, this weekend, the bonus Dilithium event!  Every instance of Dilithium gain is increased by 50%.  Every. Gain.


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