AIE Podcast Ep 199 — Sweet End Table!

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

It’s AIE The Next Generation

Elder Scrolls get some rewrites

We’ve got Guild wars news!

Holding out for a house?

And we chat with Kav and Jehdai about AIE in Wildstar

All that and more coming up right now…



AIE: Community

They were missed at Nerdtacular this year, but Renee and JJ, otherwise known as Iceflow and Caoboi had other plans around the 4th. Just a few days ago, their family size doubled with TWIN GIRLS. Zoe Lane at 5lb 13oz and Maya Jade at 5lb 4oz. Welcome both of you to the AIE Family, and all the best to JJ and Renee from us here at the AIE Podcast.


Speaking of Nerdtacular, we wanted to give DogHouse Systems a big shout out for sponsoring the event. One attendee at Nerdtacular won a complete DogHouse gaming desktop, an attendee in the live chatroom won a Doghouse gaming laptop, several people won World of Warcraft themed computer panels, and the always awesome Kimberly Price was there handing out mousepads a’plenty. Big thanks to DogHouse for being a valued supporter of the Frogpants and AIE communities.


Just a reminder, which we’ll probably repeat every other week or so for the next month and a half, AIE is moving over to our new Mumble server. Our Ventrillo server will be shut down on September 1st, so you have about seven weeks left to get all set up. That sounds like plenty of time, and it is, but better to work out any bugs now. All the Mumble information is in the community section of the AIE forums, and we’ll have a link in the show notes.


AIE: Elder Scrolls Online

For you Elder Scrolls players who have been feeling like the 50+ content seems a little too hard, you are not crazy. Bethesda recently announced that they intentionally tuned the game to encourage grouping at the Veteran levels, but they’ve heard the complaints and have already begun re-tooling the game to make the 50+ experience more like the 1-50 game.


AIE: The Secret World

For those of you in on the big Secret, Rattozatto wants to alert you about the hotfix that FunCom released yesterday for The Secret World. He says it has some pretty meaningful changes. I’ve seen the patch notes, but since I’m one of the uninitiated, they just look like squiggly lines written in the sand to me. But if you can crack the code, take a look at what’s changed to see how it affects your game.


AIE: Final Fantasy

The AIE in Final Fantasy gang is looking for input from all your FF players. As you know, they’ve been working towards buying the largest house possible in the game, because AIE is just that awesome, but there’s been some discussions that it’s taking too long, and they are wondering if you would rather buy a more modest house now instead of letting the fund raising drag on. If you have any thoughts on this, Abovan has posted a poll in the Final Fantasy forums, and there’s quite a bit of discussion going on in that thread, so head on over and jump into the fray.


AIE: Guild Wars 2

Believe it or not, we actually have some Guild Wars news this week. NCSoft has announced that Season Two Episode Two, called “Entanglement” will launch on July 15th, and according to Velinos, if you log in before then, you will get the update for free! And who doesn’t like free DLCs right?


AIE: 200

And last but not least, don’t forget next week is our 200th show. We’re going to have some amazing guests on (Alludra, can you mention any names?) and we’ll be seeing Ghomus off after over three years at the helm of this show. You’re not going to want to miss it!


And with that…



  • UMAMI and deadline for before you are kicked. August 10th.
  • UMAMI Process and how to get an invite
  • Current Alt policy – quick and to the point
  • Numbers!
  • Expansion plans
  • Level 10 dungeon coming to help train for group content.
  • New strain patch
    • 2 new zones, continued story
  • Patch 2 – on PTR.
  •  New Mount for 2 factor Auth.
    • Will show up in account inventory by July 10th (this morning).
  • Leaderboards/Armory coming, but no ETA yet.

Penny arcade comic



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Kav and Jehdai for joining us! Before we move on to the rest of the close, let’s ask the chatroom to go ahead and start submitting show titles.  Kav and Jehdai, you will need to select a winner






Next week will be our super 200th episode. Make sure to be there.

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Ask a Magus

– Much Lesser Known Shas

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Buxley’s Journal


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Until next time, AIE.

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And this has been… The AIE Podcast.


Thanks to Buxley for the Show title!