AIE Podcast Ep 198 — Yen for a Magic Pachinko Machine

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– It’s the special pre-Nerdtacular episode!

–  It turns out we ARE ready to Mumble!

– Words are hard, but wanted!

– Wait, there are pets in RIFT?

– And we have RattoZatto here to talk to us about AIE in The Secret World

All that and more coming up right now…


As you must know if you’re listening to this show, Nerdtacular 2014 is happening this weekend, and while unfortunately none of us could make it this year, a whole lot of the AIE community is going to be there. If you’re one of them, StupidGenious is arranging an AIE community group picture tomorrow, Friday July 4th, at 2:30pm, outside the front lobby across from the valet, so make sure you’re there. The AIE EVE gang is also holding a meetup tonight at 7:30 at the El Chanate Restaurant, so if you’re at Nerdtacular and watching us record this live, you have just enough time to make it there after the end of the show.  If you’re listening to this show in it’s podcast form, then you’re too late, but you are  probably a spai anyway, so that’s ok. And if you’re like us, and unable to attend Nerdtacular in person, you’re going to want to join in on the live stream. Alpha Geek radio will be streaming everything from both days at There’s also a chatroom, so come hang out with the rest of us.


Last week we announced that testing had begun on our new Mumble server. This week we’re happy to announce the testing is complete, and the new Mumble server is now officially official! If you’ve been using our Ventrillo server for all of your AIE grouping, raiding, or just plain old chatting needs, it’s time to make the switch, but don’t panic, you still have a couple of months to move over to the Mumble server. Our Ventrillo server won’t be shut down until September 1st. Full Mumble details are pinned to the top of the AIE Community Discussion forums.


Are you pretty good with words and sentences and stuff like that? Well AIE needs your help. Our community has grown so large, and the number of games we play has increased so much, that AIE’s horde of trained monkeys can’t possibly keep up with all the news. So we’ve opened the doors to the entire community to write articles for the AIE website. If you’d got the gift of putting words in the right order, and have something to say about your favorite AIE game, come join our legion of writers. See the AIE Wiki for all the details.

Don’t forget, AIE is into more than just major league games, we also play an entire array of minor league games, and the best way to find other AIE members playing minor games is by posting on our Minor League Games sub-forum under the Imperium Ludi forum. This week, Calliel posted looking for more people playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Sartavious is looking for more AIE members interested in Knights and Dragons, and Beefmaster has posted some tips and tricks for Clash of Clans.


Also in the Imperium Ludi section, we’ve got a couple of useful posts for those of you playing Wildstar. AIE Member E.B. posted a guide on how to recover your addon settings following yesterday’s apparently massively disruptive The Strain Ultra Drop patch,  and Herbivotive posted a very informative guide explaining how AMPs work and where to find new ones.


Big surprise, we actually have some RIFT news to share. After what feels like months of pretty much nothing happening in what everyone agrees is a great but kind of undervalued game, IGN has announced the upcoming release of their next major expansion. It’s called The Nightmare Tide, and among many other things, raises the level cap to 65, opens up new world zones, has new rifts called Nightmare Rifts that have scaling-difficulty waves of foes, and even introduces “collectible minions” (Yes Alludra, RIFT now has pets.)


And finally, just a reminder that our episode 200 show is right around the corner, only two weeks away. We’ve got quite a few big name guests on the docket, so you’re not going to want to miss it. It will also be Ghomus’s final show, so we’ll be giving him a fond farewell as well. If you’d like to send in any content for show 200, we’re accepting emails and audio files at


And with that…




We’re raising the Filth Alert Level to intense orange-red, based on very credible, detailed information on a non-specific threat.  Could it be a mutation?  Absolutely possible.  Orochi Corporation chemical or biological agent?  You bet it could happen.  Filth monster?  Hey, you never know.  But what we do know is that it’s absolutely positively gonna happen today.  Maybe.


The 1.9 patch hit since last time, and there’s sweeping changes with some of the old status quo in deck design, stat weights, and all around min-maxing.  For details, you can always check the patch notes, but for simpler “Tell me what I need”, be sure to ask fellow AIE members, we have been following the game community research, and have practiced much of the new findings.


For information on how to participate in the anniversary event:


Both the anniversary event, and the next mission pack have been released today.  The anniversary has tweaks and quality of life changes, as well as a brand new golem boss in the Kaidan zone.  There are old rewards from the previous anniversary event, as well as additional and new items to get from the new golem.  People wanting to participate should join the #Event channel in-game to join in on all the excitement.


The new missions expand on the story from the four quest givers in Kaiden.  You learn a bit about the complicated plot and scheme that Daimon Kiyota is orchestrating with those who are involved with the Korinto-kai.  Inbeda gets to have an epic moment with his sword and an interesting decoration.  Gozen will send our characters on a mission that stresses the importance of love, even in the current events of The Secret World, as well as send you on a task to show that the Jingu Clan is not to be trifled with.  In addition, you get to play a more advanced tower defense mission with super secret Orochi Corporation equipment from our crazy tank driver “Buster”.  Also, we learn a secret ward against the Filth.


Coming soon, is an in-game community event that will be held in the Albion Theatre, where various communities and cabals will be telling people all about who they are.  The Recruitment Fair will be on the 12th of July, and of course AIE will be there to represent.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank RattoZatto for joining us! [Prompt chatroom for show title here]   —will do!




Next week we’ll be talking to The Cupcakes of Wildstar!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including..

– Overly Dramatic News

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Much Lesser-Known Shas

– Ask a Magus — A New Segment!


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Kudos to cybyl for this week’s show title.