AIE in Final Fantasy XIV Are Now Homeowners!


AIE in Final Fantasy XIV Are Now Homeowners!




Alea Iacta Est is now a homeowner in Final Fantasy XIV! With generous contributions over the last few months, the members of the FFXIV chapter in AIE were able to purchase a large house, the largest house available. Many amenities are available in the Free Company House, such as vendors, an aetheryte crystal (for teleportation directly to the Free Company House), chocobo stables, gardens, and personal space for each member in the Free Company to decorate their space as they wish. There is also a nice waterfall and river behind the house which is perfect for the lazy days for fishing!

The officers of AIE of the FFXIV Chapter wish to thank the members of the AIE Free Company for their generous donations of items and gil that enabled us to purchase this home. This truly is a remarkable achievement.

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  • John Tomko
    Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:11 am


    I’m so happy for you folks. I’m not playing anymore, but I know how hard this was and I am so proud of you all. Enjoy your house. You earned it!

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