The AIEGC has opened the doors to community writers.

Have you ever thought about being a writer, or ever wondered how to have an article posted on our website? Well, wonder no more.

The Alea Iacta Est Gaming Community (AIEGC) is growing by leaps and bounds. We are expanding into new gaming territories, and there is a lot of new content coming out for our older games. There is so much information out there on our different game divisions that we need your help in getting the info out to the whole community.

The AIEGC has decided to open the flood gates and let the general membership submit articles for the community website. To help moderate the flow and content of information, the AIEGC has also established a new editorial staff to review the articles coming in. We have a great write up on the AIE wiki with information on our policies for your submitted articles.

So dust off the non-WASD parts of your keyboard, warm up those typing skills, and send us some articles!

If you have any questions, wish to submit an article, or an idea for an article, you can contact the editorial staff at