Kronos, EVE Online’s latest expansion coming to you on Tuesday, June 3rd

On June 3rd, CCP will be releasing the latest update for EVE Online named Kronos.  This release marks a shift away from CCP’s traditional two major expansions a year (Summer & Winter) to a new frequent release schedule which will see new updates and features released ten times a year.

Chief among the new features in Kronos will be updated models for the Moa, the Condor, Panther, new ship warp in and out graphics, ship animations, sound updates and new faction space station models.

Image courtesy of CCP

We will be also seeing a new pirate faction the Mordu Legion which comes  complete with their own ships, various new UI updates, smarter NPC AI, freighter, jump freighter and blockade runner ship rebalancing.  Their is a revamped in game New Eden Store which will enable you to buy character and ship graphical enhancements and much, much more.

Go read the official CCP Dev blog to learn about all the changes coming with Kronos.

We hope to see you in space very soon.