AIE Podcast Ep 196 — There’s a Constab?!

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– UMAMI has gone MIA

– Time to get your cloak on

– Research where no man has researched before

– Help the homeless hobbitses

– And we talk with Lanctharus about AIE in World of Warcraft..

All that and more coming up right now…


AIE: General

Just a head’s up for those of you looking to join AIE – our membership system, UMAMI, is currently down at the moment due to some unannounced changes at our hosting provider. This is also affecting our Jabber server, so our out-of-game Greenwall has taken the hit as well. Hang in there and we’re sure Stigguyver will have everything back up and working soon, using nothing more than duct tape, chicken wire, and some partially chewed bubble gum.



For you AIE World of Warcraft members who have put off the long grind to get your legendary cloak, like me, we’ve got good news! Starting a few days ago running until Monday June 30th, Blizzard will be applying the Gaze of the Black Prince buff, which will increase the reputation gain with the Black Prince by 100%, and greatly increase the chance of getting the sigils, runestones, and all those other annoying things when defeating his enemies. Big thanks to Ironclawed for posting that announcement, I guess I’ll finally try to finish that up.



In AIE Star Trek Online, Perfect World has leaked some of the details of their upcoming patch 9.5, which will include a new crafting system called Research and Development. As a bonus, the new R&D system will require fewer materials, so as not to take up so much bag space, and they will be adding more materials to different maps, so even if you go somewhere you’ve gone before, you just might find something new.



The hobbitses from AIE Lord of the Rings Online are looking for your help. They are still taking donations for their guild house, and will take anything, anything, that you care to offer. Extra junk taking up your bag space, leftover materials from your power crafting sessions, used coffee grounds, you name it. If you don’t need it, toss it in the guild chest and Bonroku will find some way of turning it into housing funds.


AIE: Spotlight

We’d like to give a shout out to AIE members Adarystus and Vynirendan, also known as Jesse and Aaron, hosts of the Life is Leet podcast, also known as “Nerds yelling at microphones about things”. They cover video games, anime, books, movies, and whatever else they feel like. You can find their show on the web at…And if you are or know an AIE member who hosts a podcast or does anything else rather impressive, let us know here at the show so we can brag about it. Email us at


Ghomus Announcement – Stepping down after show 200


AIE: 200

We’d like to announce that episode 200, which should hit on July 17th, will be a very special show. We’ll have a number of special guests on to celebrate our 200th episode, and we’ll be saying farewell to Ghomus. We’d like to invite all of our listeners to send in anything they’d like us to share for either occasion, be it emails, audio files, or you name it. Send to with the subject line “AIE 200”.

G: And with that…




[GUESTS: Put your show notes here.]


Hello everyone!


So the summer season is in effect.


So I wanted to talk about a couple of topics today.  They being how to avoid the summer doldrums and how exactly does the guild operate?


Something I call “peaking behind the curtain”.


How do I ensure that WoW still is fun for me?


Summer is always hard as people are will go on vacation or at the beach or god forbidden decide to spend time with their families.


Unfortunately this is the time that PvP groups, instance groups and Raids tend to fall apart.


With the march toward Warlords, Blizzard is going to try and entice us with in game rewards and bonuses.  Take my advice, CAPITALIZE on this as soon as you can.




So how does stuff works institutionally wise?


So the operations of the AIEGC is a complicated thing that requires hours of work form the various officer volunteers in the gaming community.



History of how invitations were done before

Then one day Stigg created UMAMI


Because of the sheer size of WoW we have created a rather unique managerial structure to keep things running smoothly.

The co guild top administration is split up between myself and Ashayo

This structure is designed that in case of a catastrophe Either Ash or myself can take

over control of all the guilds in a set period of time.

The Praetorian group is designed to deal with mid level managerial issues and can act as our functional lieutenants if for some reason we are not available.

Centurions handle the day to day operations of each fo the individual co-guilds.  They are the heart and soul of the officer corp.

process invitations, police chat and Vent



In addition we are constantly engaged in various discussions and debates amongst ourselves and the other division officers.


Now some people may have heard us talk about something call the Constabulary, what exactly is this?


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus for joining us!


[GUESTS: We’ll ask you if you have anything you want to plug here – Twitter, Website, etc.]




Next week we’ll be talking to the folks playing Final Fantasy XIV!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Much Lesser Known Shas

Overly Dramatic News

Hailing Frequencies

Buxley’s Journal

Ask Miss Mulgra

Epic Diapers


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