AIE Podcast Ep 195 — Space Cupcakes!

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…


– Mine Mine Mine

– Hello Tokyo

–  Take a cruise in space

– And we have Kav and Durus here to catch us up on Wildstar

All that and more coming up right now…



For those of you in AIE World of Warcraft, you might want to check your Battle.Net account and make sure you’ve selected all the beta options. Blizzard has launched the Alpha for the Warlords of Draenor expansion, and invites have been going out hot and heavy this week. Though blue posts admit that it is mostly blizzard community influencers that have been selected in the first wave. Don’t lose heart though! More invites are sure to hit soon, and to be honest you aren’t missing much, the game is super ALPHA right now.


Did you get your double valor? The double valor buff is still going strong until June 10th. In case you missed it, blizzard is rewarding double the valor for all the things! Such as dungeons, quests, boss kills, and turning in your timeless isle coins. Unfortunately they did not double the valor cap, which means that it’s simply faster than ever before to get your characters to cap.


Azeroth choppers is airing their final episode starting today June 5th, announcing the winner of the community vote for best motorcycle! The winning faction will get a free mount in game! Not sure what’s going to happen with the other bike, do they explode it? Anyone been watching?


Today is also the final day to change your blizzcon ticket info! So if you haven’t already, go! Make sure the info is correct! You don’t want to miss out on the fun!!



For the AIE Spreadsheets in Space gang, CCP has just launched the next expansion for EVE Online, called Kronos. It comes with updated ship models and graphics, new warp in and warp out animations, new ship animations, new sounds, and a whole lot more. Also, Vailgeek has announced a major mining operation to take place this Wednesday June 11th, at 1:30am server time. Which is like, who knows local time. Apparently there’s a glitch in the game, and undocking a spaceship keeps leading to it’s eventual explosion, so AIEU wants to keep the cupboards stocked, and you can help!



AIE The Secret World is happy to announce that Tokyo is finally here! Funcom released Issue #9, “The Black Signal” this week, which brings a new chapter to the game’s storyline, new AEGIS gear improvements, and the zone of Tokyo. No mention has been made of a possible giant lizard attack, but you know, it is The Secret World, so it’ll probably happen.



Guess what else updated! Final Fantasy demands to not be outdone by all this updating/beta/new episode fun, and has launched patch 2.28! If you want to see patch notes that put the other games to shame, and frankly, are crazy though, check them out! This patch makes many awesome quality of life changes such as buffing duty roulette rewards, fixing broken bits, and just plain making the menus easier to navigate.



For the AIE Star Trek Online gang, Perfect World has announced the grand prize of this year’s Riza Summer Event, which is going on right now. Players who complete the Event Reputation will earn the Riza Luxury Liner. This ship is even more customizable than last year’s Riza Corvette, and comes with a powerful weapon called the Soliton Wave Generator. The Summer Event looks like a lot of fun, and of course STO is free to play, so get out there and explore!


AIE Imperium Ludi

Just a quick reminder from Ralff, AIE has a Diablo 3 gaming community. More information on how to join can be found on the AIE Wiki. And if Diablo isn’t your kind of game, odds are AIE members are playing something you’ll enjoy. Hit up the Imperium Ludi forums to find the plethora of games we’re into. This is a great time to be a gamer, and and even better time to be in AIE.


AIE General

And for those that might be new to the community, don’t forget you can hang out with AIE members outside of games as well. We have our own Ventrillo server for voice chat, and our own Jabber server for text chat, so you can kick it with AIE even when you’re stuck at work. Information on both can be found on the AIE Wiki.


And finally, one of AIE’s favorite community members, Kim Price, wrote in to let us know that Doghouse systems just announced a partnership with Blizzard to produce World of Warcraft themed PCs. You can now get a screaming new gaming rig with official Blizzard Horde artwork on the case, or if you really want to, I guess you could get an Alliance design, maybe, if, you know, you didn’t really want the coolest PC possible.

battlepets!! double the memory!!


And now, to hear all about the newest addition to the AIE Gaming Pantheon…



What is Wildstar

Payment model

Where are we in the GERP (Durus)

Long leveling art, 150+ Hours for beta for Kav

No Mac client at this time.

Working in cooperation with Star Travelers guild for Wildstar

Guild Neighborhoods coming

Active recruiting in Wildstar

Guild size, over 250


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Kav and Durus for joining us!





Next week we’ll be talking to They Who Have Not Been Named. Tuned in to see who it is!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Azeroth Archives

– Overly Dramatic News

– Much Lesser Known Shas

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