AIE Podcast Ep 194 — [REDACTED]

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Ghomus tries to figure out how to do things on his own! And doesn’t do all that well!

Also, we have Grimbane and RattoZatto here to talk about the Secret World!



The AIE in EVE Online gang will be holding a “Hunt Ourselves a Lanctharus” event. Tomorrow night, our…er…fearless leader will be flying around QETZ-W and while we all love Lanc, there has been a 100 MILLION ISK bounty put on his head. How can you not pass that up? A warning has been issued, that Lanc will most likely be shooting back. 😉


AIE Nomads

Thanks to Lotwook for sending us this update! They are finishing out their stay in STO with a Fleet Marks run. Which is running around earning Marks to help complete guild projects.  Saturday 9pm EDT. This Wednesday June 4th at 9pm EDT they are power leveling alts in Diablo 3. They are talking an average of 1 level per minute up to lvl 35-40 range. This is done via highest level of torment which gives 16 x XP and a level 70 in the group. (I know it sounds exploity, but is well within Blizzards design and after level 40 there is a steep slow down in XP gains as mobs become much slower to kill for the lvl 70).  Starting June 6th they start their roam into Guild Wars 2. (as a note? this is NOT free to play, but a buy-once and don’t have to sub game)


AIE Wildstar

A server has been chosen for Wildstar’s headstart this weekend! For those who will be playing said game as it launches, look for AIE on the Stormtalon – PVE server, Exile side! We will of course be having the director and one of his officers next week right here on the show, but the launch happens sooner than that! Keep an eye on the forums for more information as things develop.


AIE is all about social gaming, whether we’re playing MMOs, boardgames around a table, console gaming, really anything!  And sometimes you might just want to sit and WATCH someone play a game that you know. Well Durus set up a thread here where if people are streaming, they can list who they are and a link to such!  Twitch seems to be rather quickly becoming the norm for these sorts of things, but there are all kinds of options!

Normally we don’t like to talk up too many Kickstarters because we don’t want this to just become a place people get sick of hearing about them, but making an exception for this one. SURELY most people in AIE have either watched Reading Rainbow, or have kids that did! LeVar Burton and company are bringing it back, and they need your help! The drive is going great thus far, but let’s see how high this one can go, bringing services to many schools in need!  This funded in less than 13 hours, but more money won’t hurt a thing!


(Grimbane and Ghomus are already backers!)


[Redacted]  No Tokyo in May (The Dragon are to blame, even if it’s a Templar plot, financed by the Illuminati).


According to the Quarter 1 Financial report, it is coming out early June (Pyramidian willing), as well as other interesting bits of information about how well The Secret World is (or isn’t) doing financially, and as far as content is concerned.  Also, additional Funcom work is revealed about the new Lego Game, and future tablet and smartphone apps.  Also, Japanese male and female school uniforms coming in The Secret World, kind of, sort of, more closer to otaku style.


The Whispering Tide event has gone through a month-long change of pace, by allowing players to access previous content.  However, there was a bit of a community hub-ub when the Flappy raid was inaccessible for a brief period during this “replay” event.


We learned a bit about some of the major personalities and characters involved with the story.  Most notably, the identity of who’s perspective the Tokyo “tutorial” flashback belongs to that all players experience with their new characters.

-Sarah: Protégé to Arturo Castiglione, and a strong psychic conduit, after the events of what happened in the subway under the Orochi Corp. headquarters.

-Gozen:  Latest in an ancient family line that protects Japan from demonic and supernatural threats.  Think of the girls from Sakura Taisen(, without the steam-punk mechs (unless she gets a mech)

-Inbeda: An oni who’s been cast out of demon society, but now runs a demon bodyguard and mercenary company.  He has a 300 year vendetta against the fellow oni who banished him.

-Daimon Kiyota: Head of the occult branch of the Yakuza.  He’s got a magic pachinko machine that predicts events.  The Dragon has a special eye out for him, as does he on them.

-Kurt ‘Buster’ Kuszczak: An Orochi Corp. tank pilot who’s suffering from the worst kind of post traumatic stress.  A skilled driver who was transferred to Japan, and was one of the first responders to The Incident in the subway, but now he’s the last untainted survivor of his unit, driven mad by the horrors and madness of The Filth.


As far as progression goes, AIE has plateaued, but there’s been some outreach with another similar minded community, In Vino Veritas (In Wine (there is the) Truth).  If people have listened to previous news announcements on this podcast, DottWarner is one of the primary contacts AIE has with their community.  Many community members have shared in their friendly generosity, and have come back with new and vibrant enthusiasm to add to our own community.  For more information about our interactions with In Vino Veritas, check The Secret World section of our forums.


RattoZatto can be followed on Twitter on @RattoZatto.


Grimbane is found at @sundryphotos

Next week we’ll be talking to Kav and Durus about the newest game going through the AIE GERP process, Wildstar!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Ask Miss Mulgra

Buxley’s Journal

Epic Diapers

Much Lesser-Known Shas

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Kudos to Lotwook for the show title!