WildStar HeadStart Is Now!


WildStar HeadStart Is Now!

That’s right, Cupcakes! Are you ready for Nexus? It’s ready and waiting to kill for you!

Join Alea Iacta Est Landing Party as we establish a beachhead on the Stormtalon PvE server for Headstart. Information for chatting with and joining the guild can be found on the WildStar page of the guild wiki. There are a few good resource links there as well to help you know how to gear up your character and how to add an authenticator to your account… for loots! (and security).

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  • Porthos06
    Jun 1, 2014 @ 2:51 am

    Dominion or Exile?

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  • Hey listeners, Episode 373 with @Abovan talking about AIE in FFXIV, is up on the feed - https://t.co/PgOpu1Likr - Enjoy! #AIEGuild
    about 8 months ago