AIE Podcast Ep 192 — City of little large people

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Diablo 3’s birthday!

Guild Wars 2 has some news!

Lanc is here to chat with us about World of Warcraft!

All that and more coming up right now…


(a note, the podcast has been reuploaded with a fixed version!)



Were you affected by the great ventrillo outage of 2014? It seems our service was interrupted for 24 hours! The officers were aware within an hour that it happened, but sadly there’s not much we can do to make typefrag work faster. Things are now up and running like normal! Remember, if you see something go pear shaped, let the officers know!


Final fantasy XIV

Free company bank update! As you know AIE in Final fantasy is saving up for a large guild house. This week Abovan was kind enough to give us an update! The guild is up to nearly 13 million! While that sounds like a lot, the house size we have our eye on is 48 million! If you want to help out just drop by any amount of gil into the Free company bank! Abo suggests hitting up the challenge log if you want to see easy money just roll in!



Diablo 3 birthday event! From may 15-22 diablo is celebrating their birthday the best way they know how, with epic loots! If you log in during this time you will receive double rift fragments as well as an additional 100% drop rate for legendary items within those same rifts! Remember you need the expansion Reaper of souls to do rifts.


Star Trek Online:

Saturday the 17th, at 4:00PST/7pm EST we will gather in Vent (the Ten Forward channel) to all watch the TOS episode “Nomad”. We will all sync is up on Netflix (or what ever people will watch it on) and start at the same time and then (hopefully) hilarity ensues.


Guild Wars

What? Guild wars news? No way! But it’s true! The festival of the four winds is returning in honor of the Guild wars launch in china! The crown pavillion is reopened and there’s lots to do in the event! So go, have fun and play!


AIE Imperium Ludi

It appears the Heroes of the Storm Alpha invites have been going out hot and heavy over the last couple of weeks. Zod (the omnipotent) wants to remind everyone in AIE getting their invite that the Friends system in the Heroes Alpha is separate from the regular Blizzard friends list, so you’ll need to add your friends to Heroes separately. You’ll also want to join the AIE chat channel in game. To do so, type /join AIE in the chat window.

AIE Meetups

AIE members, are you in or near Kalamazoo? Well Pelell is setting up another meetup to make up for the snowed out Hobbits. The tentitive date is Sunday May 25th, and the new movie is X-Men Days of Future Past. You can check in and give your opinions or RSVP on the forums and on the website.



Wow busy time leading up to Summer but just because it’s getting close to vacation doesn’t mean we are taking a break.


Last month’s Craft Faire went incredibly well.  Many thanks to Syrene and all her captains and lieutenants who helped put the whole thing on.


Speaking about AIE shenanigans, all hail Grimmcow who lead an epic four hour COOP run which completely and utterly decimated the Alliance.  I helped out to rally the troops and it always warms my heart to see such utter death and destruction.


By the way, if you are interested in running a COOP team DO EET!  Doo eet NAO!


So let’s see what we have to talk about.  Blizzard has been WoWing us (See what I did there)  with the new environment graphics and videos and character sneak peeks.  They showed us how lovely the new female Night Elf and Space Goat models will look like.  I am very much looking forward to facing these in the Battle grounds.


In addition we got to see two new mounts.  The Clockwork horse mount and a new Ravager mount.  I am personally looking forward to the new Talbuk mounts as it have a black battle Talbuk that I earned back in the Burning Crusade.  I am eagerly looking forward how Lanctahrus will look sitting atop this mount and let’s not forget that Blizzard is very likely to give us new models for our Blood Elves.


I am going to look FABULOUS!


Blizzard has a sale on a couple of vanity helmets:

  • Jewel of the Firelord
  • Hood of Hungering Darkness
  • Crown of Eternal Winter

Are all 33% off until May 20th.  That’s just $10.00 bucks a piece


Azeroth Choppers moved to end if we have time!


Now for some serious topics.


Blizzcon 2014 Tickets sales came and went and congrats to all those who got tickets.  We wanted to let you know that we have begun to dust off the machinery, lubricating all the gears to the AIE Blizzcon machine.  Currently we are planning to having the AIE meet and greet mixer and we will soon start looking at what it will take to fund and operate the guild hall.  Keep an eye out on the forums and this here podcast about all guild Blizzcon related news.


Also help make a Baby Metal performance a reality!


On November 2004 Blizzard released World of Warcraft and the world has never been the same since.  We have seen a lot of really cool stuff but we in AIE need something not only for us but for everybody who runs a guild in WoW.


We want offline guild invites.


Think about it, no longer having to wait until an officer is online to invite you into the guild.  Just request an invite and it could be handled within a short period of time.  We have already breached the topic on Twitter with a few select devs and during the summer we will be organizing a movement to have Blizzard include this feature which is present in every new and modern MMORPG into WoW.  We will be posting on Reddit, the official World of Warcraft forums and on Twitter.  We will be firmly but politely requesting this feature to be added in a future game update.


We need all of you to keep this request constantly on the minds of the WoW devs and community team.  We are aware of the current technological limitations of the current system but it is about time that Blizzard shows guild management a little love and attention.  You will be seeing more about this on the AIE forums and various guild member Twitter accounts.


Add your voice and make a difference not only to AIE but to every guild out there.


I will be doing my guild leader thing and will be contacting other larger guilds on other servers informing them about our drive in hopes that they add their voice to the cause.

So have you folks been watching the Azeroth Choppers web series?  I have and I have some good and some bad things to say about it.


Look at Lanctharus stepping on his soap box.



Great Production Too reality showey

Really cool Horde BikeAlliance bike….

SamwiseAlliance?  Really Metzen?  Really?


What I really hate

Fake manufactured drama.  You had 5 weeks, now you have 2 weeks

Dun dun duuun

So much stock footage of burly biker types looking hard, standing together

crossing their arms and looking grim.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus]for joining us!




Next week we’ll be talking to the fine folks from Final Fantasy.


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Ask Miss Mulgra

Azeroth Archives

Buxley’s Journal

Epic Diapers

Hailing Frequencies

Hunter Talk

Overly Dramatic News

Much Lesser Known Shas
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