AIE Podcast Ep 191 — The Corporate Secret Behind 191b

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– The tickets are half gone!

– The Force is heating up!

– Someone’s looking for a fight!

– The Nomads are all over the place!

– And we have Stu here to talk about space battles with AIE in EVE Online

All that and more coming up right now…





Hey, AIE World of Warcraft members, are you going to BlizzCon? Were you lucky enough to get tickets yesterday? If not, you still have one more chance. The second and final round of tickets go on sale this weekend, Saturday May 10th, at 10pm Pacific. If fortune doesn’t smile on you, don’t fret, we are working on plans for this year’s AIE Town Hall. It’s still up in the air, so don’t buy any airline tickets yet, but if we do hold it again this year, it will be sooo worth going to. More news to follow in future broadcasts, so stay tuned.  Also, if you’re really into the art and design that goes into the game, you’re going to want to check out senior Art director Chris Robinson’s blog post from Tuesday, where he shows off one of the new zones they are working on for Warlords of Draenor, called Spires of Arak, and explains some of the technologies and hurdles that go into creating the world of Azeroth. It’s absolutely beautiful and fascinating. You can find the post in the World of Warcraft website, and we’ll have a link in our show notes.



From AIE in a galaxy far, far away, Kazrik posted a link to a Bioware article that came out yesterday with details on the upcoming Summer of SWTOR, due to launch on June 10th, and includes a casino, bonus rewards for PVP matches, an overhaul to the GroupFinder, and a far too many other treats to cover.  It sounds like the Force will definately be with you this summer.



AIE The Secret World member DottWarner will be running a PVP Achievement Farming events this weekend.. If you’re looking to gain some notches on your PVP belt, the runs will take place immediately following their normally scheduled raids, which are at Saturday at noon Pacific and Sunday at 10am Pacific, so the PVP event start times will be some point after then, and will include Stonehenge achievements if enough people show up, or Fight Club 10k player kills if not.



The AIE Nomads gang will start their roam into AIE in Star Trek Online tomorrow, Friday May 9th. Capt Hunter and the rest of the AIE in STO gang are looking forward to greeting the wandering adventurers, and somehow have talked Perfect World into increasing the number of ship slots available to characters in order to celebrate. Ok, AIE probably had nothing to do with it, but it is true. Starting today, every character will have two extra ship slots available to them.


AIE: Nomads

And speaking of the AIE Nomads, the most recent minor league game vote has come to a close, and the winner, for the third time, is Marvel Heroes. So if you’re looking for a quick fun game to play with a bunch of AIE members, this is the one. However, the Nomads aren’t known for sitting still, and Lotwook has posted that the gang is also playing World of Tanks. Is that enough game for you yet?


AIE: Imperium Ludi

Actually, no, that’s not enough. AIE is now branching into Wildstar, and we’re pleased to announce that Space Admiral Kav has been named Director of the AIE Wildstar expansion. No news yet on what Kav’s plans are for the guild, but when the royal decrees come down, we’ll be sure to bring them to you.


No News

We didn’t find any big news this week for AIE in RIFT, GW2, or LOTRO. If you guys have something going on that we missed, please send it to us at, or of course, post in the forums!



Comicapaloozza in Houston Friday May23rd at 5pm


Game Code Giveaway?

Gratz to cybyl for winning a copy of Mirror’s Edge!


BREAKING NEWS! Vent outage!


And now, for all the news from the land of Spreadsheets in Space….




[GUESTS: Put your show notes here.]

Hoots said he can’t come on the show any more, apparently he is banned for messing with the show notes when Ghomus was reading them.


Friday 5/9/2014.  It will start at 11:00pm ET


EVE Valkyrie Keynote


More EVE Valkyrie news, Game rebuilt in UNREAL Engine and Katie “Starbuck” Stackoff to be the game’s voice actress, Ran.

The game will offer Occulus Rift and Sony’s Morpheus VR headset


DUST 514 Keynote

Project Legion

DUST 514 PS3 development to end? Project Legion announce for the PC to replace DUST 514.


EVE Online Keynote

CCP is moving away from two expansions a year model in favor of a 10 updates a year, new features to be released as they are ready.

The first expansion will be named Kronos

EVEN more new ships!

Tech 2 ORE Prospect

New Moa model

New Dominix

The Mordu Legion ships – Gamur (frigate), Orthrus (Cruiser), Barghest (Battleship)

Condor & Typhoon redesign


And all the other stuff we learned about

New warp in and out effects – Sonic Boom!

More ship rebalancing that you can shake a stick at

]The Phoenix is being rebalanced!  -Because it WAS terrible

Better New Player Experience –


So much Industry talk


The EVE Prophecy Trailer




One character, three games – EVE, Valkyrie & Legion/DUST

As announced by Halldor Fannor, CCP’s CTO


So what has AIEU Been up to?

  • Last we spoke we had Join BRAVE collective and were having a blast
  • Formed a Coalition with our previous alliance TEST, NEXUS, and HONOR called HERO.
  • In March we deployed to the Derelik region to cause havoc and chaos in the Catch region. (Owned by Russian alliances -A- (AAA) and Darkness of Despair (DnD) )
  • Mid March to Early April Darkness of Despair was disbanded a director who was unhappy, for various reason. Release
  • Brave seized the opportunity and took Sovereignty for the first time ever.
  • Shortly thereafter, HERO started “BURN Catch” campaign
  • Now, HERO co are taking systems in Catch daily.
  • Hero coalition, including Brave and AIEU are now deploying to V-3… system to further press into the region.
  • AIEU is moving deployment from Shamahi(in Derelik) to QETZ-W in Catch.
  • Put corp Courier and item exchange contracts up for you doctrine ships if you want them moved.
  • Space Logistics is a lot of work! And Hoots doesn’t even feed me!



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Stu for joining us!

or on Twitter: @_stupidgenius (Stu)  @capstable (the Show)


Next week we’ll be talking to the gang from World of Warcraft


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Overly Dramatic News

– Buxley’s Journal

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Much Lesser Known Shas

– Azeroth Archives

– Megaminute

– Hailing Frequencies

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