Who wants to COOP?


Who wants to COOP?

For all you World of Warcraft players, we are going to COOP this weekend!

If you like PvP, mounts, messing with the Alliance, or if you have never been to the Exodar, then you don’t want to miss this event.

COOP Leader: Grimcow

Date:  Saturday, April 26th

Time:  Invites start at 8 pm Server

Where:  Goblin Death Blimp in Org

Why:  We Wants Some Bears and Alliance Needs A “Visit”

For more information on this COOP event, please visit the official forum post.

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  • Hey listeners, Episode 373 with @Abovan talking about AIE in FFXIV, is up on the feed - https://t.co/PgOpu1Likr - Enjoy! #AIEGuild
    about 8 months ago