Mini Raffle of Epicness!

Breaking news announced tonight on the AIE podcast!

The Craft Faire needs so many more materials for next week that we are giving away two Sky Golem mounts to people that help us gather more stuff!

In order to enter the Mini Raffle of Epicness, you need to need to send us full stacks of anything on the list, but you have to fill a full 12-slot mailbox.  It can be all of the same item or a mix match of different ones.  So you could send 12 20-stacks of Cobalt Bars or six 20-stacks of Cobalt Bars and six 20-stacks of Spirit Dust.

For each full mail you send, you get entered into the drawing once.  So if you send in five full mails of materials on the list, you will be entered five times.

In order for your donation to count, the mail has to been sent to Seriewa.  If you send it directly to the Captains, they cannot add your name to the raffle list.  The materials sent in will be forwarded to the Captains daily.

The raffle deadline is Wednesday, April 23rd at 11:00 PM server time (EDT).

For more information, please visit the official post on the AIE forums.