Celebrate Spring with some RP in WoW!

Ironclawed is hosting an upcoming RP event in AIE in World of Warcraft!

When: Friday, April 18 @ 8pm Server Time
Where: Bloodhoof Village, Earthen Ring, around the bonfire
From Ironclawed:
I know, Spring Equinox was actually March 20, so I’m a little behind, but I’m hoping to do this on April 19 instead. Spring Equinox celebrations among tribal communities generally involve a lot of prayer, usually to deities of fertility, growth, and new life. In this case, An’she, whose bright eye brings warmth and life back to the world after a long slumber all winter.
The Plan
The event itself will be hosted in Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore with a pilgrimage to Red Rocks, the site of the Tauren spirit ancestors. Along the way, beasts killed (for the safety of lower-level pilgrims) will be skinned and field butchered for meat (either OOC with the crafting profession or IC via emotes) to carry back to Bloodhoof.
At Red Rocks, there will be celebration and an opening prayer. Then the floor will be opened to those who would like to tell a story of renewal or ask a prayer for the new life ahead — as long as it fits into the whole theme of the idea. ^_^
The pilgrimage will return to Bloodhoof where the meat will be cooked and eaten around the bonfire and it will become a time of social gathering, story-telling, and entertainment. Whatever people really want to do at that point.
For more information, visit the forums!