AIE Podcast Ep 189 — Beware the Kin House Beer

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

-The Craft Faire is Here!

– Spreadsheets are shipping out

– We’re getting the band back together

– Something is happening in Anaheim

– And we have Lotwook here to talk to us about AIE Nomads

All that and more coming up right now…


AIE: New Member!

A huge congrats to Siv for the new addition to his family! Charlie Ann was born on 4/22 and is happy healthy and all the things you hope in a new addition to the family! If you would like to send congratulations, twitter seems to be the place! Just tweet @siv_aie


AIE: World of Warcraft

Lots to talk about for the AIE World of Warcraft gang this week. First up, after months of preparation and planning, the Spring Craft Faire is finally here. The craft faire will be held this Saturday, April 26th, from 4pm to 7pm server time, and continued on Sunday, April 27th, from 2pm to 5pm, server time, so get your new and boosted characters to Silvermoon and crank up those skills.


As you heard here on this show last week, Syrene put out a challenge for people to send in full bags of materials in order to be entered in a mini-raffle for two Sky Golems, and the response was overwhelming. She had 110 full emails full of mats, plus tons of extra mats that didn’t meet the rules for the challenge, but were extremely awesome nonetheless. You guys rock. And we’re happy to announce the winners of the mini-raffle are Zerrakim and Nunemacher! Congrats you two! Please track down Syrene this weekend at the craft faire to collect your prizes. Thanks to Edelody and Cowpoeria for volunteering their virtual dice rolling skills to select the winners.


If you’d like to win a prize of your own, don’t forget the craft faire is also holding a huge Craft Faire Raffle. Tickets are 100 gold each, which you can send to Seriewa. [S-E-R-I-E-W-A]. Ticket sales end at 11pm server time tomorrow, Friday April 25th. Any gold that comes in after that point will be returned to sender. There are some rules and regulations for the raffle, which you can find in the AIE wiki, along with a list of all the current prizes, which includes six sky golem mounts, an X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME mount, around 50 rare companion pets, eleven 28-slot bags, and a lot more, and people are still donating items for the raffle, so you probably want to get in on this. And just to mention it, all gold received in ticket sales is used to purchase more prizes for the raffle and cover some of the in-game costs of running the craft faire. Nobody is making any money on this.


There will be also be a  COOP run on Saturday. Meet up at the death blimp in Orgrimmar at 8pm if you’d like to bring some love to the Alliance.


And of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Blizzard has finally announced that there will be a Blizzcon this year. It will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California on November 7th and 8th. Tickets will be on sale on May 7th and 10th for $200 a pop. Even at that price, they’re expected to sell out in seconds, so make sure you call in sick, tell your friends you’ll be busy, and be ready with some fast fingers.  The really good news is that this means there will also be an AIE Guild Hall. this year! We’re still working out the details, but even if you don’t win the lottery and get Blizzcon tickets, you’ll want to come anyway and spend two days hanging out with us in the Guild Hall across the street. It’s a total blast, and some say even more fun than Blizzcon itself. Stay tuned for more information.


AIE: EVE Online

We move now to spreadsheets in space with the AIE EVE gang. This week Hoots announced they are working on the logistics in preparation for the continued invasion and occupation of Catch, which is a region of space in the game. If you’re looking to fleet up and join the fun, make sure to move all of your ships and anything else you want to take with you to the corporation station in Shamahi as soon as possible so they can arrange the transportation details..


Also, if you joined in with AIE’s alliance with the Brave collective, but haven’t logged into the game in a week or two, please be aware that all of the API keys you used to sign up with Brave have been leaked online by a rogue Brave IT administrator. Someone having your API key doesn’t give them the ability to log into your account or steal anything, so it’s somewhat harmless, but it does let them see all of your ships, your inventory, kills and deaths, etc., which may be pretty bad in some circumstances, so if you haven’t yet, sign into your Eve account and delete the API key you used for Brave, and then of course make a new one and re-enter it in your Brave account.

AIE: Star Wars the Old Republic

For all you AIE Jedis and Smugglers in Star Wars the Old Republic that have been looking forward to Galactic Strongholds coming out in June, Bioware has announced they are pushing the release back a couple of months, with Early Access starting in August instead. The good news is that they are using the extra time to add extra features they hadn’t originally planned, including conquest events that let you use the power of your stronghold to dominate the event, Guild Flagships that will let you buff your guild members from orbit and instantly transport entire groups to your personal coordinates, a new stronghold on Tatooine,and much more. We’ll be sure to ask the SWTOR gang about all the details the next time they’re on the show.


And speaking about asking a SWTOR guildie something, the leader of the AIE SWTOR gang, Emperor Pellpeltine himself, is in the hot seat this week. Ask him anything you want to know in the Ask a SWTOR Guildie thread in the forums. But keep it clean of course. We don’t want another incident like last time.


AIE: Lord of the Rings Online

And coming up in the AIE Lord of the Rings Online clan, this weekend they will be holding a kinship party complete with live music. Yes, you can actually play instruments in the game. And to make sure it goes well, there will be a band rehearsal tomorrow, Friday April 25th, at 8pm Eastern. If you want to join the band, just meet up at the guild house and you’re in. I think they’re pretty lax on the requirements for musical ability. And if you can’t even play an instrument, show up and they’ll teach you. There is room for two students, and it’s first come first served, so you might want to be there early.


AIE: Star Trek Online

And for you federalies from AIE in Star Trek Online, Season 9 has launched. Earth Space Dock has been remodeled, Borg and Undine missions have been revamped, plus a lot more that we’ll talk to the AIE STO gang about coming up soon, and Captain Hunter reports that the new Earth Space Dock is awesome, so get in there and check it out.


AIE: Elder Scrolls Online

For you Elder Scrolls folks, enjoying the latest game in the AIE collection, Grimbane would like to remind everyone that the guild bank is there to help everyone out, and understands if new players don’t have anything to contribute, but at the same time, don’t take everything you can get your hands on. Be sure to leave things for others, only take things appropriate for your character immediately, and add what you can when you can. Right now everyone has full access to the bank, but that could easily change.


AIE: Other Games

For those of you in AIE in The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy, and Steam, we didn’t come across any big news for you guys this week, so if we missed something, or something awesome happens in the next week, be sure to email it to us at Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this week’s show.


AIE: Meetup

There will be a meetup at Harry’s Hofbrau in the San Francisco/San jose area next weekend, Saturday May 3rd, at 1:30pm. If you’re in the area and plan to attend, hit the AIE site and RSVP. ANd if you’re not in the area, go to the site anyway and register your own local AIE meetup, so we can talk about it.


BREAKING NEWS: This saturday is buxley’s birthday!! Happy birthday buxley!! We see you in the chatroom!


AIE: Nomads

And finally, we turn to Lotwook to fill us in on all of the news from the AIE Nomads gang. Lotwook, take it away…




  • A brief overview of the Nomads group
  • AIE major league roams – decision to go 3 weeks instead of 4. (As it turns out we are more ADD then we thought!)
  • What to do in this 4th week?
  • Room for “meta” interests – Game reviews, wiki updates, podcast bumper, artists, “off shift” leaders etc.
  • Weekly “Minor League” games – How they are decided
  • Group makeup (no, not as in lipstick) – The “roster” and a story about a “new gamer”
  • We have a Tshirt which can be found at


The list of past minor league games: Warframe, Path of Exile, Hearthstone, Neverwinter, Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes.


A look back at Past Roams: Rift and SWTOR. What each had to offer


Current Roam : LOTRO.

  • A look back at the fun so far and what LOTRO has to offer
  • This Saturday April 26th is Kinship party! Band Practice is tomorrow Friday April 25th


Next Roam: STO starting May 9th.

  • We’re in the beginning stages of building a calendar for the Roam
  • Episode 9 has come with some new content. (This means big patch. Download early!)
  • Like Rift, STO is level multi-level friendly

Thinks to consider for STO:

  • Get downloading! and submit your UMAMI app.
  • You will need to finishing the tutorial before joining the guild (game mechanics)
  • If you are playing Romulans you will need to be level 10 before joining the guild (again game mechanics).
  • It’s suggested to be level 10ish on or around May 9th.


After STO will be GW2 our first non-F2P AIE guild. – Look out for discounts (TSW as well)



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lotwook for joining us! Where can people find you on the interwebs?


AIE Nomads Forums

@AIENomads on Twitter

The AIE Nomads wiki

AIE Nomads Google Calendar.


Next week we’ll be talking to some MYSTERY guests, and it’ll for sure be a lot of fun! (one of the voices you know rather well!)


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Much Lesser Known Shas

– Epic Diapers

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Overly Dramatic News

– Hailing Frequencies

– Buxley’s Journal


But first, if you need to reach us, we can be found at…

– Email:

– Twitter @aiepodcast, @shownotfound @acuzod @alludra_aie

– We record live with video every Thursday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. You can join the chatroom and play along with us, or watch one of our past shows, on our website at

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Kudos to Revenar for this week’s show title!