AIE Podcast Ep 187 — Garlic Burping Vampires

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

–  We have Guild Wars 2 News!

– The Nomads are moving on

– EVE gets down to business

– Appreciate your junior officer!

– And we have Grimbane here to talk to us about AIE’s venture into Elder Scrolls Online

All that and more coming up right now…



As we mentioned last week, the World of Warcraft 6.0 patch notes have been released. These are in beta, and will undoubtedly change before the next expansion goes live, but Old Man Franks has started a spirited discussion in the forums, asking what people think of them. So if you have any thoughts, comments, or gripes, or just wanted to see what your fellow Azerothians are saying, check out his forum thread.


I know it sounds like we remind you about this every week, but don’t worry, there are only two weeks left for us to tell you that the AIE World of Warcraft 2014 Spring Craft Fair is about to happen. It’s almost time to get that new level 90 you boosted all skilled up. If you just joined AIE and don’t know what I’m talking about, go to the forums and read up up about the event on Syrene’s post. It’s probably our single largest in-game social gathering, and is something you just have to see.


It’s time once again for Ask a SWTOR Guildie. This time Maelchon is in the hot seat, so if there’s anything you ever wanted to know about him, now is the time to ask. So far Maelchon has answered who his favorite raid team member is, what color his light saber would be in real life, his favorite guilty pleasure, and more. To find out the answers, and ask your own questions, hit the forums.


Microsoft isn’t the only company to get a major reorganization. AIE EVE just announced a change to their corporation org chart. Several AIE members are taking on division head roles in different aspects of the game. (Game? Doesn’t sound like a game does it?) Hoots is in charge of Diplomacy, Lanctharus is heading up Military, Stu is handling Logistics, Kuda has taken on Manufacturing and Industry, and Orsalis is leading Recon and Intel. If you’re a spreadsheet spacer interested in helping in any of those divisions, contact those guys at once. Unless you’re a spai of course.


Also in the same universe, elections have started for seats on the Council of Stellar Management, which is the player-selected group of representatives that work with CCP to help make EVE a better game (Nope, still doesn’t sound like a game). Voting ends on April 22nd, and Hoots, Lanc, Stu, and Kuda have spent the last several months interviewing candidates for their Cap Stable podcast to help you make an informed decision. They have interviewed 28 of the 46 candidates, so they’ve really done their homework.


The AIE Nomads are finishing up their roam into SWTOR today. The tents are packed, the camels are loaded, and Lotwook has posted a nice thank you message to the AIE SWTOR community in the forums. Starting tomorrow, the Nomads will wander their way into LOTRO, so if you’ve been thinking about playing a hobbitses with a bunch of cool kids, now is your chance.

The Nomads have also posted that their next game will be Star Trek Online, and after that, they may head into Guild Wars 2. GW2 is the first pay-to-play game they’ve taken into consideration, and Lotwook is asking for thoughts about this on the forums.


Speaking of Guild Wars 2, NCSoft is offering the game on sale for 50% off. It’s $25 for the regular edition, and only $35 for the deluxe edition. The sale ends on April 13th, so if you want to pick it up and join the Nomads, now is the time to buy. They’ve also announced the April 2014 Feature Pack will be coming out on April 15th. This is the first release to to focus exclusively on in-game features, which includes their new megaserver system, a new wardrobing system, the removal of armor repair costs, and much more.


And finally, Captain Hunter wants to remind you that the Star Trek Online Junior Office Appreciation Weekend has started. This includes a 50% increase in XP earned by completion of duty officer assignments, a free purple quality duty officer, and other duty-related perks. (I’m not sure what you do with a purple doody, and I don’t want to know.)


Thanks to Larranna for the giveaway code this evening! (Crysis 2!)



  • ESO Launch smooth

  • Guilds growing steadily, numbers are at 132 individual accounts and rising every day.

  • On day 1 we had nearly 100 invites.

  • All my temp officers have been a super big help

  • I currently have a few candidates for my full time officers (stay tuned in the forums for those announcements)

  • Talk a bit about the gameplay.

  • No Auction House but interesting alternatives that make people interact!(Oh No’s socializing in an MMO)

  • Classes and Races

  • Dungeons

  • PVP is awesome…and I hate pvp usually

  • Rifts are cool oh I mean Dark Anchors

  • In keeping with tradition in Elder Scrolls games you can be a werewolf or vampire

  • This space intentionally left blank

  • Crafting is insane and will take years to max everything out.

  • Patching has gone pretty smooth. Very little down time and a fairly regular weekly maintenance schedule.

  • Talk about Veteran System and End Game

  • So you think you’re done when you hit 50? Think again!



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Grimbane for joining us!


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