WoW Players! We need your help!

Attention all you fine AIE World of Warcraft players!  Are you bored doing dungeon after dungeon?  Are you tired of long DPS queues for LFR?  Have you maxed out all classes and wondered what’s next?  Did you boost a new 90 without getting maxed professions?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions (or even no to all of them), Craft Faire needs your help!

We’ve had hundreds of new level 90 characters join AIE in WoW this past week.  This has put the Craft Faire captains on alert!  After looking at the numbers versus the materials on hand, we are short thousands of materials to make this Faire a success.  That’s right.  We said thousands!!!  If you’re bored in game or working on gathering skills for those new 90s, we need your help farming materials.  Please visit the donations page on the wiki for further details.

But you ask, “what if I have a hard time understanding the spreadsheet? It’s a jumbled mess of numbers!”  Well, We’re here to help. We have provided a complete list of the most urgent materials we need, broken down by profession.  Did you click the link??  See, thousands of units of raw materials are still needed and the Craft Faire is only a month away!

Please consider helping us to help you and your fellow guild members at this wonderful event.  Put those new Tauren Druid herbalists to work (you know you made one) and donate today!

Thank you, all.