Friday Night Music Madness – March 14, 2014!

Vinyl Scratch is best DJ pony!

Hail guildies!

It’s that time of the month again, Takemikazuch will be hosting another DJ night on Friday March 14th, starting at 7:30pm Earthen Ring time.

But this time, there’s some new additions to the planning!

For the first time since doing this, Takemikazuch will be extending his reach outside of the Guild Ventrilo and streaming the music live on Twitch! That’s right, at the same time I’m broadcasting in guild vent, the same music will be broadcast via livestream on! This will accommodate those who are unable to be in the guild vent; either not part of the guild or at work or on the road.

So it’ll be your choice to listen live in AIE vent or head to the twitch stream and listen there!

The second addition is that requests will be taken LIVE on the air!  Yep, aside from the usual playlist requests will be taken throughout the night from those on the twitch stream and in game! For those in WoW, they can /join taksdjnight and place their requests there!

Of course if you wish, you can send requests ahead of time either putting it here in the forums or by twitter @takemikazuchaie should you not be able to get into WoW or use the twitch chat (it can be buggy sometimes).

We hope to see you all there, and hope you will spread the word! And as it is a few days before St. Patrick’s Day, I will not turn down any Irish music you want to include! :P