AIE Podcast Ep 183 — One Chickenball to Rule Them All

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– The WoW Craft Faire is heating up

– A Brave New Alliance in EVE

– And we have Dux and Apolas here to talk to us about AIE in LOTRO

All that and more coming up right now…


AIE WOW: 2014 Spring Craft Faire

For you AIE World of Warcraft members, the AIE 2014 Spring Craft Faire is coming up again. Time to get those trade skills you’ve been neglecting leveled up to as high as the MOP expansion allows, all for free! There will also be a raffle with amazing prizes, including at least one sky golem mount and several hard to get battle pets, which can be yours for the price of 100 gold a ticket and just a little luck. All gold goes towards purchasing even more raffle prizes and the materials that get handed out to guildies to level their skills. The craft faire will be on April 26th and 27th, and the Craft Faire team is actively looking for volunteers. If your trade skills are already maxed, why not jump in and help out your fellow guildies?

AIE WOW: Pet Battle Picnic

Speaking of battle pets, if you missed out on the last awesome Pet Battle Picnic, don’t despair. Nevermore has announce the next AIE Guild Pet Battle Picnic will be held on March 16th from 6pm to 8pm server time in the Ruins of Isilidien, just south of Dire Maul in Feralas. The event is open to anyone of any level of pet battle experience, so come on out and learn about pet battles, win prizes, and of course battle other guildies for the honorary title of best guild pet battler evah! Until next time at least.



For those of you who are fans of spreadsheets in space, there have been some major happenings going on. Not only has AIE joined in with the BRAVE alliance, but BRAVE has joined up with a couple of other large alliances to form the HERO coalition, one of the most formidable fleets in EVE Online. And to top it off, the entire gang has moved into a new corner of the universe in order to better spread their “Power of the Newbie” propaganda. As you could guess, they are very friendly and helpful to new players, and are actively recruiting, so if massive hundred-person space battles is your kind of thing, you’ll want to come check them out.

(Zod comments)


AIE NOMADS: Minor League Game Poll

We know you’ve heard all about the AIE Nomads, and how they wander from game to game getting a taste of everything a game has to offer. Well they’re not just in major league games, they also jump into fun frivolous minor league games. Lotwook has posted a poll asking for votes on which minor league game to play next. The choices include Hearthstone, World of Tanks, League of Legends and more. If you’re into minor league games, and want to play with several other AIE’rs, join the Nomads and cast your vote!


AIE STO: Galaxy Class Overhaul

For you Star Trek Online players, you may be interested to know that Perfect World is completely overhauling a couple of the first starships they put into the game. The Galaxy class cruiser and dreadnaught are getting new features, such as a separating saucer section, new stats, hanger bays and more. So if you have a Galaxy class starship sitting in the closet gathering dust, you might want to jump back in and check it out.


AIE FF: UI Tips Requested

AIE Final Fantasy member Vitalogy needs your help. He’s trying to work out the perfect UI for his Paladin tank. (There are Paladins in FF?) He’s also looking for any other “must have” tips and tricks to make the game easier to play. We know there’s a hardcore Final Fantasy gang out there, so if you have anything to share, see his post in the forums.


AIE FF: Transfers from Legacy Worlds Allowed

And speaking of Final Fantasy, Square Enix has opened up transfers from legacy worlds, so if you had a character back in Final Fantasy 1.0 that you were in love with, you can now bring them back to life and into the latest version of the game.


AIE Steam: Steam Sharing

This just in from Beefmaster: Steam Sharing is out of beta and released to all us peons. Steamy Steve indeed! Sharing is very similar in concept to sharing your iTunes library with other users. You are able to “authorize” 10 devices and give access to 5 different steam accounts. BUT you cannot play the same game at the same time. So no Borderlands 2 Co Op for you. (Seriously its on sale every week; just buy it.) You can Ugoogley “steam family sharing” or go to


AIE General: Vent reminder

As we’re always saying, if you only connect with AIE inside your favorite game, you’re missing out on half of the AIE community experience. Don’t forget we have our own 400-person ventrillo server, where you can chat with any AIE member, even if they’re in a different game. It’s a good place to get to know people, share jokes, play music, or just pass the time while you’re knocking out your game’s version of “dailies”. There’s a lounge room set aside for every AIE game, though you can of course jump into any lounge you want, but remember, we are a family-friendly guild, so keep it clean. Our ventrillo information can be found by logging into UMAMI. Every now and then we have to change the password, so if you can’t sign in, you can check UMAMI to see if it’s changed.


AIE General: Meetups!

Here are the meetups currently on the calendar at our AIE page

– PAX East, Boston, Friday April 11th at 10am

– AwesomeCon, Washington D.C.,  Friday April 18th, at 3pm

– Dave and Busters, Franklin MIlls Mall in Philadelphia (still looking for a date)

If you’re in the area and looking to attend one of these meetups, RSVP on the AIE page, or better yet, sign up and start your own local meetup!


For more information on all of the news stories we just covered, you can find the links in our show notes at or of course, go to the forums!


Thanks to Beefmaster and Lotwook for giving us updates!



Update 13 (and LOTRO’s 7th Anniversary) are coming up soon (He said it! Not me!- Sapience). There is a long list of new features with U13, but I want to highlight some of the key items and the great folks that are working on them.

Epic Book: We’re going to Flooded Isengard! MadeofLions has put together an epic experience, where you finally get to experience life as an Ent.

North Downs: This is a vast and classic region. Budgeford is digging in to modernize and improve the space, much like she’s done in the past with Moria.

Fangorn Forest: Quickbeam needs your help! JWBarry has led the charge to build out new quests in Southern Fangorn, including a special friend you might earn.

In addition, mail will now support multiple attachments. VIPs will be able to open mail in the wilderness through your mail alert. Inventory is getting entirely new management options. And we have a new prototype of Hobnangians that we expect to release later this year.






Things LOTRO needs to do: draft a schedule of events for the Nomads visit




And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Dux and Apolas for joining us!


@beninmtl for Apolas

@HistoricGeek for Dux


Next week we’ll be talking to the gang from AIE in Star Wars, The Old Republic


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Buxley’s Journal

– Megaminute

– Overly Dramatic News

– Much Lesser Known Shas


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