Two big stories: New Female Orc Models Introduced and $60 Character Boosts


So we have a couple of stories that are delighting and or infuriating the fair denizens of Azeroth today.  Chris Robinson, senior art director of Warcraft posted on the Blizzard Artcraft! blog and introduced us to the new orc female models.  I have to say that the models are both stunning and make me want to hid in my closet like a girley man.  Chris further discusses the direction that they are taking when it comes to trying to represent female orcs as vicious and powerful so take a look over on the blog when you get a chance.


The second story which has eclipsed all other WoW news is the discovery of a $60 Level 90 Character Boost in the Blizzard Store service within the client.  Various gaming news sites such as Polygon and MMO Champion are covering the story so go ahead and take a look and talk among yourselves.