AIE Podcast Ep 181 — No Alliance, get over it! #BlameAcuzod

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Town hall is coming, the town hall is coming!!

Wanna play a game? We have an event for that!

Get to know your guildies, real life and on the forums

And we try to get a word in edgewise with Lanctharus talking about world of warcraft!

All that and more coming up right now…



AIE Is holding a town meeting this Saturday (Feb. 22) at 9pm est! All members of the guild are encouraged to attend as the big shot muckety mucks fill us all in on what’s going on in AIE, plans and other such things! The meeting will be held in ventrilo, and if you want to guarantee a spot, you might wanna show up a bit early.


G chat seemed a bit quiet lately? Can’t understand what’s going on? Well there’s been a new update for greenwall as the last update caused it to break! If you aren’t one for updating your addons regularly, please do so now to continue to participate in fun of greenwall.


The nomads are wading into the dark scary world of PVP! well actually they are venturing forth to dispel the rumors of scary dark pvp. They are planning to charge the battlefields twice this saturday (feb 22) 7pm-8:30pm est and then again at 10pm est until the life has been drained from all the brave warriors (or you know, they go to sleep) if the dates and time sound familiar it is because this event is happening both before and after the guild’s town hall meeting.


Just a reminder the nomads are going to be roming into a galaxy far far away (and no we don’t mean Eve lanc!) this march! If you would like to join the nomads it reccomended that you  download the game and all of the patches before opening night! Otherwise you will just be in vent hearing everyone have fun and be unable to jump right in.


Kind of stuck on what to do on mondays? Want a really cool group to hang out with? Well the TSW crew has you covered with Dungeon run mondays! Starting at 7pm est, every monday they run dungeons! This is not a group for the elite (as alludra can attest) but a fun run where everyone helps new, returning, and heck even old vets of the game gear up, get to know everyone and just plain have some fun!


Various games are also holding ‘ask a guildie’ or AMA’s on the forums! Rattozatto the unseen head of TSW is holding one in the secret world forums, SWTOR is holding their 7th week of ‘ask a guildie’ with Whiteboy on the hotseat. The LOTRO team has an ongoing thread, if you want to know any thing about their game! These threads are a great chance to get to know your fellow guildies, learn about other games, or just find out what color socks ar ethe best!


Meetups are happening! Yes AIE loves to hang out not just in game, but also in person. We have a meetup planned for PAX East happening on Friday April 11th! The so cal members are getting a bit crazy with a Rocky horror picture show meeup on midnight Feburary 22(!) and for those in the area we will also be converging at  AwesomeCon in Washington DC on Friday April 18th! Not going to be there? Are these too far away? Then plan you own meetup! They are fun, easy to plan and we give you the tools! Just head on over to and do a search for Alea iacta est.


It was announced on NSFW show this week that well…I think we already knew some of this? But Nerdtacular is indeed over 4th of July weekend this year at Snowbird Resort outside of Salt Lake City Utah! Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood WILL be in attendance (so expect some Night Attack-ness!)  A change from LAST year, though, no Kickstarter! Special packages will still be available to those that want them, and more details will be dropping soon!



Man it’s been a busy month in WoW:AIE


The Grand Parade was a huge success!  Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in the event.


Got to officiate a in-game wedding type dealio for three couples in WOW, with a reception in Stormwind.


Spring Craft Faire has been announced?  Do you know where to find the info?


Have you seen the new female orc models?


The $60 dollar lvl 90 character boost.  Love it or hate it, it will soon be a reality.

-What’s your 90 gonna be?


Getting my notes done for the AIE Townhall this Saturday.


Does WOW dictate the larger AIE game narrative?


The age old discussion of an AIE Alliance guild


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus for joining us! Follow him on twitter @lanctharus!


Next week we’ll be talking to Ralff and Scott Johnson!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Hailing Frequencies

Ask Miss Mulgra

Much Lesser-Known Shas

Buxley’s Journal

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