AIE Podcast Ep 180 — No Mad, Bro?

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Pet battles!

Craft Faire!

yay pet battles!!

Resurrection Ending!

Jabber Jabber! Pet battles!!

And we talk with Lotwook and Ayhood about AIE Nomads

All that and more coming up right now…



AIE WOW: AIE 7th Anniversary Pet Battler Picnic

Hopefully you were able to join us for the AIE 7th Anniversary Parade this week, but if not, don’t worry, the celebrations aren’t over. This Sunday, February 16th, Nevermore will be hosting a guild Pet Battler Picnic! The event is open to anyone at any level of pet battle skill. Come on out at learn about pet battles, help teach about pet battles, and of course partake in pet battles against other AIE guildies! Prizes will also be given away throughout the event! Meet up at The Arboretum in Jade Forest at 5pm server time. Summons will be available for anyone unable to travel to the Arboretum on their own.


AIE WOW: 2014 Spring Craft Faire

Another event coming up in AIE World oF Warcraft, the Spring Craft Faire is just around the corner. This is where you can get help and free materials to level your crafting professions all the way from 0 to max, or at least as close to max as possible. This is a semi-annual tradition in AIE, and even if your crafting skills are already maxed, it’s a lot of fun to see AIE fill up the normally desolate city of Silvermoon. And don’t forget the amazing raffle with tons of give-aways, including at least one Sky Golem this year, and the COOP raid on the Alliance afterwards. The craft faire is too big to be held on a single day, so it will be split across Saturday, April 26th and Sunday April 27th. For more information on the craft faire, and how you can help, see the 2014 Spring Craft Faire page in the AIE Wiki.


AIE WOW: Scroll of Resurrection coming to an end

This isn’t strictly AIE News, but it could be of importance to the AIE WOW community. Blizzard has announced their Scroll of Resurrection program will come to an end on February 18th, just five days from now. The Scroll of Resurrection is a great way to get a friend back into World of Warcraft, and awards the receiver with a free boost to level 80 and 7 days free play time, while giving the sender an exclusive spectral wind rider mount. If you know someone who used to play WoW and is considering coming back, time is running out to take advantage of this great program.


AIE EVE Recruiting

Ok, you’ve heard about the massive battles, the massive fun, and the massive spreadsheets. Now it’s time for you to grab your slide rule and your scientific calculator and join the fleet! The AIE EVE Online gang is actively looking for new spacers to join their ranks. If you’ve ever wanted to know what plex is, or the joys of time dilation, or just be part of a Brave New World, check out the EVE New Recruits page on the AIE Wiki for information on how you can get in on the fun.



AIE LOTRO: Turbine Q&A

For all you hobbitses out there in AIE Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine has posted a Q&A session covering everything from region revamps to raid changes to crafting news, you-name-it. If you want to discuss everything they covered, Evinix has started a thread on the forums leading to the Q&A.


AIE General: Jabber!

Don’t forget, we have Greenwall in Real Life! You can chat with other AIE members, even when you’re not in a game, by using our Jabber server. Jabber is a text chat system that works with a large number of chat clients, so you can find any client you like, point it to our Jabber server, and chat the day away. The information you need to point to our Jabber server is in the forums, or you can even use the Jabber web client found on the front page of the guild website at


And with that, lets get back to see where the Nomads have gone to now…


The Nomads have been roaming Rift throughout this month of February.


AIE Nomads was born from an idea posted on the forums in December. It attempts to address the evolving gaming habits of players who are hopping from game to game, due in part to the incredible amount of good gaming content readily available. It addresses the problem that some of our AIE guilds have been lacking in attendance because people have been spread thin. By moving the focus from the game, and instead to the group, we strengthen the AIE social experience.


Meeting with AIE officers, their blessing. Their similar original idea


Rift Report:

Attendance statement

Accomplishments – lots of people dinging 60, guild quests leveling, guild dungeon runs.

Future events – PVP event, dimensions with Aleriase

Lessons learned – Get people in, game download and admin signup done early so as to pace it for the officers. No harm in starting now for SWTOR.


Other roams – Warframe last night – Beefmaster to assist in steam

Problem solving philosophy, paced at first to address each problem – my roll and the eventual change of it.


Problem types to address: Timezones, Which games, Free or pay? , Which platforms (console, mobile, PC etc), How long do we play each game?, Do we take breaks, Is the a replacement of GERP (NO) , communication ..


Great ideas so far:

Bonroku – Tabletop – great example of creative stepping up idea

Long list of games

Theme song


Right now the group is focusing on established AIE MMOs as well as diving into minor league games from time to time.


In March The Nomads will roam into SW:TOR


More information can be found:

at the Wiki:

In their section of the forums:

Twitter: @AIENomads



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lotwook and Ayhood for joining us!


Next week we’ll be talking to the fine folks from AIE World of Warcraft!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Overly Dramatic News

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Megaminute

– Hailing Frequencies

– Much Lesser-Known Shas

– Epic Diapers

– Buxley’s Journal


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Until next time, AIE.

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And this has been… The AIE Podcast.

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