AIE Podcast Ep 179 — Smooch your Segment Producer!

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Time for the Town Hall!

Everyone Loves a Parade!

Love is in the air, everywhere!

Keep it clean people, keep it clean.

And we talk to three of AIE’s most famous segment producers

All that and more coming up right now…



AIE General: Winter 2014 Town Hall

As we mentioned last week, it’s time for another AIE Town Hall meeting. This is when the leadership of the AIE Gaming Community gathers together to answer for their crimes, I mean, tell us what’s happening in the world of AIE. The Town Hall will be held on our Ventrillo server on Saturday, February 22nd, at 9pm Eastern, and is open to all AIE members across all of our games. Be warned, we tend to fill up all 400 slots on the server, so anyone who regularly uses the server for groups and raids at that time might need to make alternate plans. Very sorry about that.


AIE WoW: Anniversary Parade

Can you believe it’s been seven years already? This month we will celebrate the 7th anniversary of the founding of the AIE WoW guild with a “grand parade” to take place at the Sunspire on Sunstrider Isle on Wednesday, February 12th, starting at 9:30pm Eastern. Bring your fanciest armor, your coolest pets, your most spectacular mounts, and lets remind Earthen Ring that we are a force to be reckoned with.


AIE WoW: Wedding Bells Ring

Wedding bells are in the air of Azeroth. Two members of the AIE community have decided to tie the knot (in game at least) and you are invited! Join Yummybear and Juniper as they join their authenticators together on Wednesday, February 11th, at 11pm server time at the Fairie Circle in Tirisfal Glades. Reception to follow.


AIE WoW: Love is in the Air Event

This really is the month of love, and there’s no better way to express that than to share it with friends and frenemies. AIE WoW members can join us on February 15th at 2pm server time for the AIE Love Is In The Air event, where couples in game and real life can express their love for each other in front of the entire guild and a special guest Master of Ceremonies. And where else would you expect to find such a romantic event than the most romantic setting in Azeroth: the cathedral in Stormwind. Of course this means we need a LOT of support., so grab your loveliest battleaxe, and prepare your most emotional spells, and help us share our love with the Alliance.


AIE STO: Dilithium Bonus Weekend

For you AIE Star Trek Online players, Perfect World is also showing you some love with a special bonus dilithiuim mining weekend event. So power up your spaceship and fly it backwards towards the nearest mine or asteroid field, and fill up your wallet.


AIE FF: Company Vault Cleanup

Samantha Jane reminds all of our AIE Final Fantasy members to please be considerate and not flood the company vault with cheap useless knick-knacks. She’s just finished giving it a good spring cleaning, a few months early, and will turn an extremely grumpy face on anyone who messes it up again. She didn’t throw out any of the bloody weapon parts, dust bunnies, or fledgling doo, so if you’re looking for any of those wonders, please help yourself.


AIE RL: Meetups

Meetups! Here are the meetups currently listed on the AIE site…

Raid on Chino Banditos in Phoenix AZ, on Sunday February 9th at 6pm

Rocky Horror Picture Show gathering in Los Angeles, CA on Feb 22nd at midnight

Meetup at PAX East in Boston, MA, on Friday, April 11th at 10am

Meetup at AwesomeCon in Washington DC on Friday April 18th at 3pm

Dave and Busters meetup in Philadelphia, PA – Looking for date recommendations

If you’re anywhere near these meetups, hit the AIE site and RSVP. Even better, start your own Meetup!


And with that, let’s get back to our guests and find out what makes them do it every week…






I’ve been doing podcast segments since 2008, where I had a 110 episode run on The Instance with “Ask Buxley”.  After taking some time off, I decided to start doing podcast segments again.  The new segment is called “Buxley’s Journal”.  You can hear it on The AIE podcast and on The Instance podcast.


I wrote the Roku Frogpants app, and I have a small company that does iPhone apps.


Segment:  Buxley’s Journal

Twitter:  @AskBuxley

Former segment: Ask Buxley available at

Short lived podcast:  The Buxley Show available at:


Favorite segment producers:  Miss Mulgra and HuntsTheWind


Miss Mulgra


I am always looking for new Gnome recipes… Uh, wait, no… I LOVE Gnomes! Uh, yes. That is correct.

Ask Miss Mulgra is approaching her 100th segment and for that special milestone she will probably answer a question or make a not-so-veiled reference to barbequeing Gnomes.


Segment: Ask Miss Mulgra

Twitter: @missmulgra

Biggest inspirations: Ask Buxley and Darrell the Tip Giver

Favorite newscaster: HuntsTheWind




I’m always looking for news stories to give the patented ODN twist!  I’m also a great lover of board games – hope to be at Nerdtacular this year in the gaming room!


Segment: Overly Dramatic News (

Twitter: @HuntsTheWind

Biggest inspirations: Darryl the Tip Giver, Overly Dramatic News (The Acuzod Years), Ask Buxley, The Onion Radio News

Favorite source of etiquette tips: Miss Mulgra


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Miss Mulgra, Buxley, and HuntsTheWind for joining us, and for all the wonderful goodness they add to the show. We also want to give thanks to all our other segment producers. We hope to get a few more on in future episodes!


Next week we’ll be talking to the AIE Nomads!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Overly Dramatic News

– MegaMinute

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Much Lesser-Known Shas

– Buxley’s Journal


But first, if you need to reach us, we can be found at…

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Until next time, AIE…

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And this has been… The AIE Podcast.


Kudos to Kraythur for this week’s show title!