AIE Guild 7th Anniversary Event – Pet Battler Picnic –



WHO: AIE Guild Pet Battlers of ANY Level Or Pet Battling Skill!

WHAT: Learn About Pet Battles, Ask Questions, Teach Others, Battle Against Your Guildies, And Most Importantly — HAVE FUN! :)

And there will be prizes given out throughout the event! YAY! Everyone LOVES Prizes!

WHEN: Sunday, February 16th, 2014 from 5pm – 7pm Server Time

WHERE: The Arboretum in Jade Forest (55.2, 44.4)

*+* Warlock Summons Will Be Available Especially For Guildies Who Are Unable To Travel To The Arboretum On Their Own! *+*

WHY: To Celebrate AIE Guild’s 7th Anniversary Together And Encourage Fellow Guildies To Try Pet Battles!

Hosted by: Nevermore