EVE Online: The Most Expensive Battle Ever Waged.


On January 27, 2014, exactly one year after the massive Battle of Asakai, a missed payment resulted in the N3 coalition and allies from the alliance Pandemic Legion to lose control over their staging system of B-R5RB in Immensea. Pandemic Legion had been basing out of the system for a conflict that has come to be known as The Halloween War, a struggle between multiple coalitions that has involved nearly every nullsec entity in one form or another that started the last weekend of October in 2013.

Forces from both side of the Halloween War, with N3 and Pandemic Legion on one side and the CFC and a several nullsec Russian alliances on the other, scrambled to retake the system and dropped. The above video was compiled by Rooks and Kings with footage from the battle. The largest ships on field in the video are called Titans, and are the largest ship in the game. They typically cost 100 billion ISK on the low end. By purchasing game time and selling it in game, a Titan is worth approximately $2500 to $3000.

Both Polygon and The Mittani have articles that go into more detail about the battle While the final numbers are still being calculated, over 60 Titans and countless other ships were lost, with an estimated value of $300,000 being destroyed. The previous record for number of Titans destroyed at one time was 12 at the battle of Uemon.

Sit back and enjoy the video.