AIE Podcast Episode #177 : You ARE my content. Shmoopy.

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
– Love is in the Air!
– Wormholes are in Space!
– Nomads are in Rift!
– The cats out of the bag!
– And we have Lanctharus and Amijade to talk about AIE in World of Warcraft.
All that and more coming up right now…

Welcome to The AIE Podcast episode #177. The Die Has Been Podcast. Broadcasting from the AIE Podcast remote studio in Central Alabama, this is AcuZod. Joining me from the other side of the continent out in Central California, is Alludra. (“Hey AIE, I think you’re awesome”).  Ghomus could not be with us tonight. He is out on a secret assignment. We’ll have more news about that later in the show, so stay tuned!


Ok, we’ll be digging into AIE News shortly, but first, we’d like to take a moment to offer our sympathies and support for Abovan and his wife, who lost their newborn daughter Lizzy a couple of weeks ago. As Lanc posted in the forums, words cannot express how deeply saddened we are. Lizzy has been added to the AIE Remembrance Day list of loved ones lost.


We are just three weeks away from the AIE World of Warcraft Love is in the Air Wedding Vow Renewal and Marriage Event. This is when we get together as a guild on Valentine’s Day to celebrate Love itself by holding a ceremony where AIE couples, in-game or Real Life, can express their feelings for each other. We hold this event in a highly romantic setting, the cathedral in Stormwind, so we’ll need a large number of AIE members who also want to share their Love with the Alliance. Like with swords and axes and stuff. If you’re interested in joining, see the AIE Azeroth section of the forums for details.


And speaking of a smashing good time in Azeroth, if you’re looking to join a raid team, or need more people to fill up your Flex, don’t forget we have a special section of the forums just for you. The Team Recruitment boards are full of teams looking for more people, and people looking for a team, so don’t be afraid to jump in and get your raid on.


For those of you looking for adventure in deepest darkest space, Lanctharus is running a Wormhole Day Tripping Event over in Eve Online. He’s looking for pilots who can fly armored battleships, salvagers, and a lot of other things I don’t understand but sound terribly exciting. We can’t tell you when this event is going to happen, spies might be listening, but if you’re an EVE player, you know where to look for the info, and if you’re not, well, what’s wrong with you?


If you like your fun a little closer to solid ground, you might want to check out the Chocobo Race event going on with the AIE Final Fantasy gang. They ran it as a one-time special event, and it was so popular that they’re making it a weekly thing. I don’t know what a chocobo is, nor how you actually race one, but if you want to find out, the next race is this Saturday at 8pm Eastern.


If your fun knows no bounds, you might want to check out the AIE Nomads group. These plucky adventurers hop from game to game, usually free-to-play games, to check them out. Learning a new game is a lot more fun with friends, and that’s what they’re all about. The Nomads are heading into Rift in February, and if you want to join them, see the Roaming into Rift thread in the community section of the forums.

We also want to make an apology to the Nomad gang. They were supposed to be on the show last week to brag about how awesome they are, but we had a perfect storm of anti-dis-un-availability and had to postpone that episode. We are going to have them on soon though, so if you’re a Nomad groupie, hang in there.


:Speaking of Rift, this is the perfect time to Nomad your way over there, as Trion is releasing an update for Rift next month. Version 2.6 will come with a couple of new raids and raid weeklies, a new instant adventure, a new dimension thanks to an entirely new crafting profession called Dreamweaving, and a lot more.


It was supposed to be a secret, but RattoZatto gave us permission to tell you that he will be running an AIE The Secret World Legion of Dynamic Discord Lair Night next Wednesday, the 29th, at 7pm Eastern. As there always is with those Illuminati folks, there are a number of rules that must be absolutely obeyed, so check out the secret communication location, also known as the forums, for details. Ratto also points that this event starts 30 minutes before their their normal Cthulu Wednesdays run, so initiates might have to make a choice between the two events. Choose wisely.


Meetups! We have three meetups coming up in the next month to tell you about. There will be an AIE raid on Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose CA this Saturday the 25th at 1pm, a raid on Chino Banditos in Phoenix AZ on Sunday Feb 9th at 6pm, and the really crazy people will be gathering at a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening in Los Angeles CA on Saturday Feb 22nd at midnight. If you are anywhere near those areas, hit the AIE page and RSVP, and if you’re not, go there and start your own local meetup so we can talk about it!


And finally, we want to congratulate Caoboi and Iceflow on the announcement that they are expecting twins! You two better get all the sleep you can now, you won’t be getting much for the next, oh, 18 years or so.

And with that, let’s turn the mic over to Lanc and Amijade to talk about the grandfather of all AIE games, World of Warcraft…

The big discussion for tonight:  Content or what do you consider content?

  • PvP/PvE story

    • You my friends are my content

  • Interacting with YOUR guild

    • Chat

    • Voice

    • Even the forums


Drooling over the new human female models:

Blizzard had a reveal of their female human models.


Two new mounts

  • Flying Raven mount

  • Rocket powered double headed dragon



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus and Amijade for joining us!


[GUESTS: We’ll ask you if you have anything you want to plug here – Twitter, Website, etc.]


Lanc, where can people find you on the Interwebs?


Amijade, where are you at?


Next week we’ll be talking to the secret world! oooo


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Overly Dramatic News

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Buxley’s Journal

– Hailing Frequencies


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