AIE Podcast Ep 176 — The Dyson Sphere: It cleans your carpets and powers all the things

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– The Nomads Are Official!

– Another officer in the hotseat!

– Meetups all over the place!

– We’ve got the Blizzard buzz!

– And we chat with CaptHunter and RattoZatto about AIE in Star Trek Online!

All that and more coming up right now…


Are you a member of AIE who plays a ton of different MMOs? You are probably not alone! A group has started up that we’ve mentioned in the past, but they’ve started getting the ball rolling a lot more! A section of the forums has been set aside called AIE Nomads. Check it out, and see if it’s something you’d want to join in on.


Emperor Pel-patine has decreed that another of his army be put up for interrogation! This time? The poor soul is Droge. Surely there is something that you want to know from a fellow AIE member. Keep it clean folks, these are family friendly forums! (go to the forums!)


Speaking of such, the Emperor is asking for…volunteers for information collection. Unless you are a Bothan, it should be completely harmless. You can sign up in the forums to be on the list for the “Ask a SWTOR Guildie” threads!


We have quite a few meetups coming up in the great state of California. The AIE gang out in Pasadena will be celebrating the new year with a meetup at Lucky Baldwin’s on Saturday January 18th, the San Francisco crew will be holding a winter raid on Harry’s Hofbrau in San Jose on January 25th, and the great and wonderful Belthaz is looking to put together a gathering at a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening in Los Angeles on February 22nd. And not to be outdone, the Washington D.C. group will be holding a meetup at AwesomeCon on February 18th. So if you’ll be anywhere near any of those meetups, you’ll want to RSVP on the AIE site and join in the fun!


Blizzard has been abuzz with changes that are coming in warlords of draenor! Among them changes to Crowd control! Lore in the forums has been talking about the proposed changes coming to CC, what they like, what they don’t and there is some buzz about the removal of some of it. If you want  to find out more head to the blizzard forums.


And speaking of blizzard, for all of you who are betting about the date of warlords of draenor, you might have to adjust your timeframes. There is a new PVP season planned between now and the next expanion’s release! Holinka on twitter announced the news on the 7th, but there seem to be no further details yet.


I’ve mentioned this in the past once before, but a former coworker who is kickstarting a CCG/Deckbuilder game is sooo close to funding. If you might be interested in such things, please check out War of Omens. If you contribute more than 10 bucks, they will give you a beta key immediately! 3 more days left on this, and a few thousand to go!



Previously, on Star Trek Online…  We left off with the Romulan Republic establishing a new homeworld on Dewa 3, now called New Romulus.  After thwarting the schemes of the Tal Shiar, our adventurous captain learns of a great secret, and possibly the reason for Dewa 3’s desertion: An Iconian gateway.  And now, the continuation of Star Trek Online.


Before re-activating the gateway, Ambassador Worf is asked by the Klingon Defense Force to oversee the project, due to his previous experience with such technology (TNG S2E11 Contagion).  An earthquake shakes the chamber, and forces everyone to make a do-or-die decision.  Everyone flees into the gateway to avoid being crushed.  On the other side, the captain learns of plans the Iconians have for the Alpha Quadrant, as well as their hand in a number of other events.  After reactivating a gate near the Jouret System, where some Elachi forces arrive.  While piloting an ancient Obelisk class carrier, the captain is aided by the flagships of the three major factions.  The Enterprise, Lleset, and Bortasqu’.


The latest content requires that players complete the Sphere of Influence mission before being able to even set foot in the hotly contested Dyson sphere.  We learn quickly that the Voth have also found a way to the same particular section of the sphere the Klingons, Federation, and Romulans have entered, and now there’s a massive battle to secure a foothold in a place that manufactures Omega particles.  What’s the big deal with Omega particles?  Aside from theoretically being able to power whole planets with just a single molecule, they can stop warp travel in a region around it, decimating the advancement of many civilizations forever.


Not all is doom and gloom, for everyone’s “favorite” omnipotent being has decided that he wants to share in the quaint Human celebration of Christmas.  Your attendance is mandatory, and your consent is not required.  This year, a new section has been added to the winter event.  A gingerbread themed ground mission map that rather mimics the Fleet Defense mission where you have to fight against a random hostile alien race in a timely manner.  This time?  You must stop snowmen from harming gingerbread men!  There’s a special Breen ship reward for those who’ve participated enough in the race event.  Unfortunately, if you haven’t already been participating before this episode of the podcast, there’s no free way to earn this ship.  There is a and if method you can catch up, but this will require the cash shop currency.  With Lobi that comes from opening lockboxes, you can buy an item that gives 2-6 Autographed 8×10 Glossy Photos of Q.  You need 1,000 total to unlock the ship.  You have until the 16th to participate in any of the content in the Wonderland, and there’s rewards that are obtainable.


The Fleet is progressing nicely, though the progress on assets have been frozen, until the Dilithium Mine has been brought up to full capacity.  The reason for this, is a fully upgraded mine gives a discount on all other projects in other assets, making our progress much faster, and cheaper.  The mine is getting ready to unlock tier 2, out of 3.  When last we were working on the Embassy, it was in the final stretch of finishing the Recruitment line.  So far, the Spire hasn’t been worked on, aside from limited time projects that add fun visuals.  The Starbase found in Eta Eridari is now tier 3 of 5, but more notably, the Military projects have reached Tier 3, meaning we have access to early Fleet refits of ships.  These have much better stats than their normal counterparts.


Included with The Sphere expansion is the new Federation starting mission.  Just like how the Klingons got a brand new level 1-25 experience, and the Romulans were added with a fully fleshed out story arc, the Federation has a more updated and epic intro.  Your captain gets to start their career on graduation day at Starfleet Academy.  The writing is pretty fun, and you get to know your bridge officers, just like how the Romulans and Klingons do.




TNG Season 2: Contagion – Iconian tech, and gateways

TNG Season 3: The Best of Both Worlds – Planet where the Iconian gateway is revealed

TNG Season 6: Relics, Schisms – Dyson Sphere, and a race seen in Sphere of Influence

Voyager Season 3: Distant Origin – Voth

Voyager Season 4: The Omega Directive – What Omega particles do



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank CaptHunter and RattoZatto for joining us!


Ratto, where can people find you online?

Check out and read the articles of games I review there.  I recently did a review on Malifaux.  You can follow me on Twitter @RattoZatto



And you can find Captain Hunter online at @InkTank_Studios


Next week we’ll be talking to a special guest we can’t name at this time. (Not Pyramidian)


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Hailing Frequencies

– Buxley’s Journal

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Epic Diapers

– Overly Dramatic News

– Much Lesser-Known Shas


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