Crossing the Rubicon

Brothers and sisters, pilots and capsuleers, pirates and scoundrels, miners and industrialists, each and every one of you.

My dear friends,

On this occasion I come bearing a bit of news that I would like to share with each and every one of you within the corporation, and with everyone within the wider Alea Iacta Est Gaming Community. Our fortunes of late are changing quickly, and as is befitting of both our community name and of the latest EVE Online expansion, Alea Iacta Est Universal has now crossed a point of no return.

Over three years ago, on October 26, 2010, we joined TEST Alliance Please Ignore. We were with TEST only a few months after it was founded, and many of us remember the campaigns we participated in with the CFC. We were with TEST with the initial conquering of Fountain and Delve, and we gave witness to the birth and death the what was once the largest coalition the game had ever seen, the HBC. We were also with TEST most recently in our removal from our homes in Delve and Fountain, and we have stayed with TEST through our deployments to Aridia, then Curse, and now Caldari Faction Warfare.

I harbor no ill feelings about our time in TEST, and I continue to have great hopes for them in the future, and I hope that Middle Management Dino will one day reign supreme over all of Deklein.

Our time, however, has come. We will be leaving TEST, and we will be having a State of the EVE Corporation on Friday, December 6th 2013 at 10:30pm ET. All members of the community are invited to join, and we will be discussing our plan of action and the future of the corporation.

Right now, as a line member of the corp, there is little you will need to do. We will keep you informed in both this thread, in the game, and we will post directions and details on where we will be deploying and how we may assist in moving your things.

There is no turning back, and I hope to see all of you on the other side.