AIE Podcast Ep 174 — Zod’s Steamy Office Space

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Holiday Happenings Abound!

I’m here!

Beware the Krumpas!

Did I mention that I made it this week?

The Chocobo is Dashing!

It’s me! Right here!

And we talk with Steve (No really, it’s Beefmaster) about AIE in Steam!

All that and me coming up right now…



Are you a nomad? Ever have the desire to wander the digital worlds? Well Lotwook has, and this thoughtful AIE member has started a post to see how many other wanderers are out there that might want to group up and jump from game to game and see how they feel.Trying out new games is a lot more fun with friends, and a lot of people are interested in the idea. If you are too, wander into the AIE Community forums and jump into the thread.


If you want a serious gaming machine without spending serious money, and you’re not afraid to roll up your own sleeves, AIE member Tordormore has posted some pretty impressive details in the Community forums about the machine he just built from scratch – including parts, prices, specs, and the reasons for his choices. If Santa doesn’t come through for you this year, check out Tordormre’s tips, and build your own best present.


As you can imagine, the resources that AIE provides to our members can get a bit costly – web hosting for the AIE website, the UMAMI membership database, membership for, yada, yada. All that has been provided for years out of the goodness of a couple of peoples’ hearts and pockets, but we’d like to help them out. We started the AIE Pass the Hat donation campaign earlier this year with the goal of covering AIE’s expenses in 2014, about $4,000, and we’re proud to say that thanks to the kindness of the AIE membership, we’re at 62% of our goal. Unfortunately 2014 is just weeks away, so time is running out. If you’d like to help out, just click the “Donate” button on the front page of the guild website.


And speaking of fundraising, it looks like our favorite space pirates are working on their own financial schemes. That’s right, the AIE EVE corporation raising taxes – but don’t worry, these aren’t real taxes, they’re entirely fake! The EVE gang has always offered several programs to help new AIE spacers, but now after their amazing retreat from an inferior but overwhelming hostile force, they are finding themselves a little short of funds to carry on the good works. So they are raising the corporate tax rate to 50% on weekends and running special ratting missions to help inject some serious cash flow – and you can help out just by logging on and blowing stuff up! What better way to thumb your nose at the IRS than by paying an outrageous amount of fake taxes to a fake corporation and not sharing any of it with them!


Direct from Dark Lord Pelell-patine himself, you are cordially invited to the Two year anniversary of both Star Wars: The Old Republic and the founding of the AIE SWTOR guild itself! The party will be tomorrow, Friday December 20th, at 9pm Eastern, both in game and in vent. So bring your best droid and your prettiest lightsaber crystal and get ready for a Forcefully good time!


And speaking of good times in a galaxy far, far away, don’t forget to join in on the Life Day event going on right now! Check the AIE SWTOR forums for links to all the details on the activities and rewards, and see Max’s special tips for participating in the Life Day snowball fights!


The secret’s out! A coded message just arrived from an AIE The Secret World courier letting us know all about the all new The Secret World Christmas Event. The event, call A Mother of a Season, will pit you against the evil Krumpus in the land of Niflheim, plus the chance to battle to become the Lord of Misrule, and I swear I’m not making this stuff up. It sounds more fun than Festivus! For more details, as always, check the forums!


Those fine hobbitses aren’t content just celebrating the season! No no! As Apolas on the forums points out there’s a letter from the executive producer Kate Paiz about what to look forward in 2014 from the LOTRO team. It’s an interesting look at things to look forward to, such as more content and less expansions. To discuss this and other great hobbitsy things (Like second breakfast) join in on the discussion!


Okay everyone it’s time to Deck the holodeck halls! Star Trek online is having a holiday event where you can earn a special 2013 ornament for your starbase! As of this writing they are already at 50% funded! Wow!! But they could use your help. If you want to participate and just hang out with some really great people, star trek online is free to play! Yes that’s right totally free!


And speaking of Star Trek Online, season 8 is out with all new zones, new enemies, new ships, new…tons of great stuff!! Including all new tutorials for federations! Capt. Hunter has been kind enough to put the trailer on the forums, so check it out!


Patch 2.1 in Final Fantasy (Shiv arrr!) is here! Along with tons of great new pets, game improvements, downtime, and new tools for the players it brings guild housing…at super crazy costs… We at AIE of course want to build a spectacular place to hang out, so Abovan has graciously allowed us all to donate to the cause via the guild bank! Check out the forums where Jasmine is constantly updating to let us all know just how close we are coming to our goal, answering any questions you have, and just generally keeping the guild up to date on our real estate purchase.


Tired of the normal holiday events? Depressed about the thought that they will all end soon? Well worry no more! The fine folks in Final Fantasy (shiv arrr!) have come up with a super fun event to look forward to! The First Annual Chocobo Dash Race Event!! Yay!! Sign ups are, of course, on the forums (go to the forums!) and the event is scheduled for January 11th! So there is plenty of time to head on over, check out the route and you know scope out the area!


Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls now has a release date!! The expansion is set to release on March 25, 2014! Blizzard, of course, has wasted no time updating the Diablo 3 site with the opportunity to pre purchase the game, both in regular and digital collector’s editions! Prices are set at $40 us for the standard and $60 for the digital deluxe. The expensive edition comes with all sorts of goodies such as a spectral hound minion, vanity gear, a treasure goblin pet for warcraft, and various starcraft goodness!



The Winter Sale is Here.

Daily Deals: Reset at 1pm Eastern daily. available for 48 hours

Flash Sales: new every 8 hours

Community pick: vote every 8 hours.

Full event sale items on bottom of page


Crafting the Snow Glove 2013 Badge

how to Get: Earn 10 sno globes by:


1. BUY BUY BUY. for every $10 spent you get a card

2. craft a normal game badge

3. Vote early and often for community sales. every 3rd vote gets you one.

4. trade on the community market


Crafting the badge earns you street cred, a in game item from a FTP game

chat emoticon and a profile background. and who knows what

(side note: if you haven’t looked at your profile in a while they’ve added nice features to fancify your page.)

you can see what cards your friends have to beg.

once the sale ends on Jan 3rd at 11am PST all the components disappear. no more crafting or trading.


Meaningful Sale Odds fresh from Reno:

Borderlands 2

Bioshock infinite

COD: Ghosts


Batman Arkham Origins

Rome II

Final Fantasy 14

Civ 5



and In non Steam but gaming sale news:

great site to watch daily as well for new deals and sometimes better than Steam.(insert verbal sounds of shock and awe and dismay) but if you buy something since they are from Europe you might get a call from your bank.


Amazon sale!!!!! OMG YOU GUYS TEH SALES

go to departments tab>digital games and software there’s a big banner when you mouse over.

Bigger deals for Prime members


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Beefmaster for joining us! Beef, where can people find you?


@Beefmaster @AIE_STEAM


Next week we’ll be talking to the folks in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Overly Dramatic News

– Much Lesser-Known Sha

– Ask Miss Mulgra

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Until next time, AIE. This is Ghomus

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And this has been… The AIE Podcast.