AIE Podcast Ep 173 — Stop that, Hoots!

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Holiday events in So Many Games!

A Concert for the Kin in Lord of the Rings!

Raids in RL as Well as In Game!

The Brass in Charge of AIEU joins us to talk about EVE!

All that and more coming up right now…


You may have noticed a lack of guilie of the moment announcements! Remember folks, we depend on you to send us your stories of interactions with great guildies! If you see someone who personifies the AIE spirit, send us an email to! We love to hear of great guildie interactions!


On Saturday night December 21st those fun folks in LOTRO will be running the Helm’s Deep battle. You just need to be at least level 10 and done the tutorial in front of the Three Boars fountain in Bree. More info in the forums! The forums are great!


And more news from the shire: To celebrate the holiday season “The Band” (Pelell, Max and Apolas) is reuniting for a Concert on Tuesday December 17th at 9 pm eastern (6pm pacific) on the stage in front of the Kinhouse at 4 Brookbank Street, Troutbottom, Shire Homesteads. Come one and all for a good time!!!


Remember the awesome sale blizzard is having on world of warcraft all the way through current content? Well they have extended the sale to include select battle pets!! Gasp! Now you can get your very own lil’ KT, soul of the aspects, lil’ ragnaros, lil’ XT, moonkin hatchling, cinder kitten, cenerion hatchling, or pandaren monk for only $5!! All the mounts in the store, aside from the new faerie dragon are on sale for half off as well! They make great gifts *HINT HINT*! or you can fill the gaps in your collection!


Not particularily a NEWS item, per se, but one of the things that I rather liked about EVE was the music! I was lamenting that there didn’t seem to be anyplace I could BUY said music, apart from downloading what I could off their site long ago. Well it turns out, they have a Soundcloud! Ech (Ek? E-CH?) on the forums pointed me to the link where you can get a ton for free!


All you rift players out there take note! The Fae Yule is taking place from today (december 12) until January 1st! Join in the marry making and fun with new instant adventures, dungeon drops, and grandfather frost teaming up with the Fae to give gifts! have no idea what I am talking about? Well sign up and play Rift! It’s completely free to play!


Another Raid in the Bay Area of Northern CA! Harry’s Hofbrau won’t know what hit it, although we’re still trying to get organized. Dates have been pushed about, and if you are in the area, now is the time to have your preferences known!


Guild wars 2 is having a sale of sorts! From now until December 31 if you buy something from the black lion trading company as a gift, you will recieve an offer to buy the same item (for yourself) at 40% off the current price!


Not content to simply celebrate the holiday online store style, guild wars 2 is also having an in game holiday event, that’s right, Winter’s day is back! Tixx the toymaker makes a return this year with his amazing airship! There are a ton of in game events going on including the snowball mayhem event! Pelt your friends in the face with snow! And we know holidays aren’t the same without…lingering poison? Okay…


We’re trying to feature things that AIE Members are doing outside of the gaming arena, Revenar’s podcast is now up on all the podcast-distribution methods! If you are a fan of Dr Who, “Who’s Next Podcast” covers past, present and somehow, FUTURE Dr Who! You can go to or search for it on iTunes, Stitcher or Feedburner!

A former coworker of mine now works for a game-company, and he sent out a mail as they’re trying to Kickstart a game being completed! It’s called “War Of Omens” and they’re sitting just over 33% funded! It’s a combination Deck-Builder and CCG game. (seems to be a new popular theme!) Aaand, if you are on Facebook, send in your FaceBookID to before Sunday at midnight, and Monday morning I’ll pick 3 random names to forward along to get Alpha codes! A few things to note:

1) We’re not affiliated with the company in any way.

2) This is a cross-platform game and they’re starting with Facebook (for the Alpha) but they’re targetting Steam, Facebook, Kongregate and the web, thus far.

3) This is an Alpha, so the game is very much subject to change!


AIEU News:



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Stigg, Hoots and Tuku for joining us!


Next week we’ll be talking to Beefmaster about Steam!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Ask Miss Mulgra

Overly Dramatic News

Much Lesser-Known Shas


Alludra’s Pets!

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