AIE Podcast Ep 171 — Loans from Stu, Pay or Die! #WOLOYOLO

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

AIE Fundraiser Needs your help!

A Final Fantasy Town Hall Meeting!

Blizzard Pets for Charity! (or is that Chariteeeeee!)

Hoots and Stu join us to chat about EVE Online!

All that and more coming up right now…


We started out pretty strong on this one, but it appears we’ve only gotten a few percent more since then! The 2013 AIE Fundraiser has about 40 days left, and we’re only at 53% of our goal! While the officer core and a few select volunteers are keeping things running, but we really need the funds to keep things from coming TOO much out of pocket!


The 2nd movie of the Hobbit…trilogy is coming out, and I’m sure this means lots of AIE meetups, just like this one! If you are in the Kalamazoo Michigan area, our Dark Lord Pel has organized just such a thing! Check out the site for more details!


We don’t have a show next week, because of Thanksgiving, and Samantha Jane in the forums has started a great thread that everyone should contribute to, it’s how everyone is thankful! Let’s fill this thread up with lots of traffic!


And yet another reason to give thanks! I’m sure that everyone is listening to the great Podcast that Sema and Max do, the “Escape Podcast”, but just in case you haven’t (you should!) from the 27th of November through the 2nd of December, there is DOUBLE XP! Remember, SWTOR is free to play, and has a great group of dedicated folks in AIE playing.


The officers of Final fantasy will be holding a town hall meeting this Friday, November 22 at 10pm EST. They are making big announcements and encouraging anyone from any branch of AIE to join in on the fun!


Speaking of, Final fantasy xiv is currently holding the lightning strikes event! This event is a cross over with their latest single player game, Final fantasy crazy letter number. (Actually it’s lightning returns: Final Fantasy XIII). There are level requirements for each stage and tons of cool weapon and gear rewards and will be running until December 9th. The best part is that if you miss out on the event, don’t worry! It’s coming back in february to celebrate the north american release of the game! So go, level, have fun, and don’t stress it if you can’t quite hit cap for this first part.


Blizzard is having another pet sale for charity! From now until December 31, 50% of the purchase price toward the Alterac Brew Pup will go to the Make a wish foundation! Not only will you get a cute st. Bernard pet for yourself but also helping to fund a great cause! But wait! There’s more! If you buy the Alterac Brew Pup along with the new Enchanted Fey Dragon you will not only get a break on the price but still be donating toward this great cause!


Not satisfied with simply helping make a wish, Blizzard is currently matching employee donations for typhoon relief made the the American red cross and is encouraging players to also donate to the cause. (no mention if they will match OUR donations though!)


We should probably talk about PLEX for Good and the Philippines


Amazon PLEX Sales

– PLEX on sale until Nov. 24th, 15% off (source: TMC and Amazon)


Stu, what have you been doing in EVE?

  • Space Trucker

  • FW, what is it?

Hoots, what have you been doing in EVE?

  • The story of the Dolla Dolla Bills.  Yo. (Faction Warfare, and the corp’s activities there)

  • FW Tactics (Ventures — explain to the masses how this makes people sad)

  • MY FIRST SOLO PVP KILL OMG (a year and a half in the making)


EVE Political News

  • Curse, Nullsec, and Throwing in the Towel

  • OSTFRONT and “The Halloween War

    • Angry Russians, N3, PL, CFC, and everyone in nullsec.

    • Hoots got on a Dreadnaught kill the other day.


Rubicon Released!  Horray!


Rubicon in Development Part 1 & 2 — Most Hilarious Dev Blog/Videos Ever:


Ibis (a newbie ship) has 42 PLEX, gets blown up.  $840 (or 25 billion ISK)


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Stu and Hoots for joining us!


Next show we’ll be talking to swtor! Reember we will not have another  show until after thanksgiving!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Ask Miss Mulgra

Much Lesser-known Shas

Azeroth Archives

Mega Minute

Overly Dramatic News

Alludra’s Pets

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