AIE Podcast Ep 170 — Dwarf tossing at Helm’s Deep

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– Congrats to special guildies!

– Jedis to be de-named

– Spammers beware!

– Meetups! Meetups!

– And we chat with Appolas and Dux about AIE in LOTRO

All that and more coming up right now…


First of all, we want to give a shoutout to Pujol and Bowtocks, two AIE guildies who have decided that Real Life is better together, and will be tying the knot in Real Life. We at the podcast wish them well in their future questing!


For those of you that know Old Man and Old Lady Franks, there is a good chance you can party on their lawn now, as they’ll be rather tired (and OMF will be less codgery?) taking care of their lovely daughter Amelie Grace! She was born on Nov 5th, just last week. AIE is ever expanding!


Hopefully you were able to attend, so you already know this, but this season’s craft fair was a huge success! Massive kudos and a bagillion internet points to all those who helped make the craft fair happen, and to all those who came out and got leveled. We also had a special thanks from Henry himself! If you missed it, don’t worry, the next craft faire is right around the corner!


Just a head’s up for you Jedis that may have wandered away from The Old Republic: Bioware is purging character names from characters that haven’t logged on in a while. Which names are getting purged depends on the character level, time last logged on, and whether you’re a paying subscriber or not. For more information check the forum post in the AIE Old Republic forums.


If you’ve been following the Imperium Ludi forums, you know that AIE is always looking to expand into other games. One of those games, Wildstar, looks very promising, and if you’re interested in joining the AIE community in Wildstar, you may want to join in the Wildstar Wednesdays chat held by Durus in the AIE vent server every Wednesday at 10pm Eastern, where he will cover the latest news and events announced by the Wildstar devs earlier that day.


They’re in every MMO, you can’t escape them. Spammers! Lots of games have a built in mechanic to deal with them, but not all of them. If you are playing FFXIV, Mewkow has a macro built for this! Check his forum post called Gil Spammer Blacklist for a very simple effective macro!


So as if EVE was not confusing enough, there are some…lucky few who choose to ALSO be officers in the madness! Congrats to Catavarie, otherwise known as Orsalis Cain who has decided to peek behind the curtain as to how the SpreadSheets are maintained. Kudos and Condolences. 🙂


Looks like the Arizona AIE crew is at it again. They are holding another meetup, this time at Dave & Busters in Tempe on Fri December 6th. If you are anywhere within driving distance, we definitely recommend you join them. See the AIE page to RSVP, and if you want to arrange your own local guild hall, free free to post your own meetup event!


AIE in Final Fantasy XIV (That’s 14 for you non-Romans) will be having a guild town hall meeting on November 22, 10:00pm EST.  This meeting will be held in AIE Vent.  We have big, big news to announce on that night!  Anyone in AIE is more than welcome to attend the Town Hall!  November, 22,10pm EST.


Just a reminder, AIE has our own Jabber chat server. Yes, it’s Greenwall in Real Life. Now you can chat with your friends and fellow AIE members from other games, even when you can’t be in game. There are a number of different Jabber clients to choose from, both desktop and mobile, and you can also use the jabber web app on the AIE guild website. For more information, see the AIE wiki at and click on Guild Tech, or click the link in the show notes.




  1. Helm’s Deep expansion:

    1. The release is scheduled for 18-NOV-2013.

    2. Revamp of all character skill trees

      1. similar in style to WoW, SWTOR class trees.

      2. it was an effort to simplify the sprawl of skills that were relativity unused and had come to be from years of game evolution.

    3. This will open up Western Rohan to game play (5 areas). (Dux)

      1. Kingstead:  the heart of Rohan here we find Edoras & the tombs-fields full of Simbelmyne

      2. the Eastfold: the city of Aldburg, with dense forests, fields and swamps.

      3. Broadacres, grasslands prime space for Rohan’s horses.

      4. the Stonedeans, a marcher land where Dunlending and Rohirrim tenuously coexist.

      5. the Westfold, the burning of the westfold, will Saruman answer?

    4. The battle for Helm’s Deep (Apolas)

      1. The skirmish / session play:

        1. it’s a skirmish, available at level 10!

        2. play as an engineer, vanguard, officer, or hybrid to fill a variety of roles in the battle.

      2. Character upscaling.

        1. Starting at level 10 you will be able to access and play the Battle for Helm’s Deep. When you enter a battle, for the duration of the instance, your character will be statistically treated as if you are level 95. Your morale, power, and primary stats will be upgraded to those of a level 95, your current skills will have their damage and properties upgraded to those of their level 95 version, your gear will be upscaled as well though it will maintain its current level differential (If you are 15 and your sword is 10, you will be 95 and your sword will be 90). You will not get any new skills or traits or equipment. It’s as simple as ‘Click, Enter, Play.’

      3. The new Merit system (Dux)


        2. rewards based on how well you handled an encounter

        3. All quests within the Battle for Helm’s Deep include Merit.

        4. you either start with a full or empty bar and work one way or the other.

        5. objectives are listed in red and posted so you can keep track of them.

  2. With the release of Helm’s Deep the Bounder’s token event will end.

    1. get your universal toolkits while you can – 30 tokens each and they’re bound to that character.

  3. State of the kin in a sense (Dux)

    1. We’ve still growing, average 1-2 characters per week.

  4. Upcoming events:

    1. Party / concert. I talked with Pelell for a concert, he would participate and I’ll talk with Max. Update  Max and Pelell are in. Woot Woot! (Apolas).

Apolas is @beninmtl; Dux is @HistoricGeek


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Much Lesser-Known Shas

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Epic Diapers

– Hailing Frequencies

– Mega Minute

– Overly Dramatic News

– Alludra’s Pets

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