The 2013 AIE World of Warcraft Fall Craft Faire Is Coming!!


Its that time of the year again.  Its cooling down.  Leaves are changing.  Football dominates the land.

Pumpkins are ripe.  And the holidays are fast approaching.  What does all this mean to you??


Saturday, November 2 & Sunday, November 3

All information on the Craft Faire, the Professions, Donations, and the Raffle is now available on the AIE Wiki.  There will not be separate posts all over the forums.  The Wiki is your friend.

Please keep in mind that Captains are still updating pages.  Please check the Wiki frequently for more information.


Main Wiki Page:

Craft Faire Main Page:

This Season’s Official Page:

Craft Faire Raffle Page:

Donations Page:


  • For the first time, we will have a sign in registration booth at the Faire in Silvermoon.
  • As soon as you arrive in SMC, you will need to register for the profession(s) you want to level.  We will have a vent channel for this specific purpose as well.
  • Once you are registered, we will have one of our lovely chauffeurs escort you to the profession you need and introduce you to the captain in charge.  At that time, you will also switch vent channels.

There are two things we are hoping to accomplish with this and we would be eternally grateful if you could help us out.

  • One, it will help us determine how many people we helped over the weekend and in which professions.
  • Two, it will help keep our captains sane by not having people just randomly popping into vent channels asking for information or by having them show up at the wrong profession by accident.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your help on this.

If you have any questions on the Craft Faire or on Professions that may not be updated yet, please post them in this thread.

Thanks Everyone!