AIE Podcast Ep 169 — Crafting, COOPs, Caramels, and Cockroaches

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

–  Time to spill your guts!

–  Blizzcon Meetup!

– Book of Heroes Turns a Page!

– Jabber Jabber!

– And we talk with Syreyne and Mkallah about the Craft Faire!

All that and more coming up right now…



With Halloween coming up, it’s a good time to let a few skeletons out of the closet. Thanks to Skayne for starting up a fun little thread called AIE Confessional in the AIE: Azeroth forums, now you can share that private shocking little thing you do in game with the rest of the community. For example, do you know what Beefmaster steals when his wife isn’t looking? Or what PVP does to Lanctharus? Or just how many AIE healers secretly like to let annoying players die in the fire? It’s all in the AIE Confessional thread. What’s in your closet?


Since trying to decide by committee takes too long and often doesn’t work out well, I’ve made the ‘director’s decision’ to consolidate our Book of Heroes guilds! I’ve purged a bunch of inactive folks from Verendus and Liberates, and encouraged everyone to join up in Dignitas! They’re ready for new applicants, and are doing 2 raids a week, which will probably end up being more soon if they have a good turnout!


Nerdtacular news! What? What is this nonsense? Well nerdtacular has it’s very own twitter account! So if you want updates about N14 or random shenanigans follow @Nerdtacularshow


If you’re going to BlizzCon, and you’re going to be there Thursday the 7th at 6:30pm, you have to catch the AIE Social Hour happening at the Degrees Wine and Patio Bar at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, which is just out in front of the Anaheim Convention Center. Now this is a bar, so there will be drinking involved, and odds are pretty good Lanctharus will amaze the crowd with another one of his drunken poetry readings. (And if he does, someone please make sure to capture it for our “Uncle Lanc, tell Us A Story” YouTube channel.) If you’re planning to be there, hit up the AIE page to sign up so they know to leave a light on for ya.


Don’t forget, we have Greenwall in Real Life! You can chat with other AIE members, even when you’re not in a game, by using our Jabber server. Jabber is a text chat system that works with a large number of chat clients, so you can find any client you like, point it to our Jabber server, and chat the day away. The information you need to point to our Jabber server is in the forums, or you can even use the Jabber web client found on the front page of the guild website at



Time now for the AIE Member Spotlight, where we highlight something interesting created by one or more of the amazing members of the AIE Community


This week we’re shining the spotlight on one of our own, and that’s Alludra! Along with AlTheMage, they produce the BattlePets podcast, all about collecting and battling pets in World of Warcraft. You can catch it every two weeks on iTunes or at


If you or someone you know in the AIE community does something spectacular, whether it’s host a podcast, write a book, make happy little paintings, or anything else, we want to know about it. Email us at with all the details.


Craft Faire:  November 2nd and 3rd (Saturday and Sunday)

Brief history of the faire, what it is, what it means, etc.


AIE Wiki for Craft Faire info!!!


Details on this faire, date, times, changes (aka registration booth)

  • Saturday, November 2nd from 4pm to 7pm server time

  • Sunday, November 3rd from 2pm to 5pm server time

  • Located in Silvermoon City

  • NEW!  Registration booth at the faire.  No early sign up.

Things we need this time:

  • Illusion Dust – boat loads

  • Fel Iron Ore

  • Mithril Ore

  • Embersilk

  • HELPERS and VOLUNTEERS!  Especially for Tailoring!!!

    • Our current Tailoring Captain is getting married that weekend!

Raffle Info

  • Tickets are still 100 gold each

    • We’ve only sold 300 tickets so far.  Last time we had over 4,000!

    • Remember, the more tickets sold, the more prizes (MOUNTS) we can give away!

  • Prizes:

    • We have the standard mounts and pets, but this time we have something new.  We have Game Codes for Steam and Origin!


Other Events Craft Faire weekend!!


  • Alachaas is hosting a COOP run on Saturday November 2nd, 9pm at the Death Blimp.  See the EL forums for more info!!

Craft Faire Guild wide after party.

  • We got some cool ideas but we are sooooo busy making sure you have a blast at the faire that we need someone to take control of this.  And soon!!!


Links to Important Stuffs:

Craft Faire General Information

Craft Faire Specific Info

Raffle Info





And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Syrene and Mkallah for joining us!


Next week we’ll be talking a break for Halloween, and the week after that, we’ll be coming at you live from The AIE Guild Hall at BlizzCon


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Overly Dramatic News

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Alludra’s Pets

– Other, Much Lesser-Known Shas of Pandaria

– MegaMinute

But first, if you need to reach us…

– Email:

– Twitter @aiepodcast, @shownotfound @acuzod @alludra_aie

– We record live with video every Thursday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. You can join the chatroom and play along with us, or watch one of our past shows, on our website at

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Kudos to Revenar for this week’s show title!