AIE Podcast Ep 167 — The Secret World’s Rapid Transit: Argatha or Death

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– Final Fantasy opens for transfers!

– Book of Heroes turns a new page!

– Meetups happening all over the place!

– The AIE Guild Hall is almost here!

– And we talk with RattoZatto, Kamiel, and Grimbane about AIE in The Secret World

All that and more coming up right now…


If you are currently playing FFXIV but weren’t able to get your character on Gilgamesh, which is AIE’s Server, Abovan let us know that Transfers are starting the 15th of Oct, so that’s next Tuesday, and they’ll be free for 5 days! He’ll also be here next show to talk about our presence there!


Book of Heroes has certainly had waves of interest, then RL kicks in and perhaps the lack of complexity with it being Andriod/iOS causes flagging attendance, but there are still folks playing! It looks like there needs to be another guild compression, and from what has been read, it appears you only dip down to loyalty 4 (of possible 5) when changing guilds! Please comment in the forum post BOH — Merges II: Son of Merges in the Imperium Ludi: Minor League Games to get your voice heard.


Unfortunately Ghomus won’t be able to make this one, but there is a raid this weekend, on Harry’s Hofbrau on Sunday at 1pm in San Jose, CA! If you happen to be on the OTHER coast, there is in fact a group trying to get together at New York Comic Con as well. Check the site for more information on these and many others! There are 347 members of AIE signed up there, and I KNOW there are more of us out there!


It looks like it was announced this week on TMS, that Nerdtacular 2014 will be July 4th once again!  Watch and the forums (go to the forums!)  for more details as they surface.


It appears that we’ve put ALL the SW:TOR officers through the ringer of question and answer sessions. So Dark Lord Pel-patine has moved onto fellow guildies in a galaxy far far away! this month? Cliffy! Hit up the thread on the forums to ask some random crazy things of him!


BlizzCon and the AIE Guild Hall is just one month away! Even though the Kickstarter has more than funded, it’s not too late for you to get in on the super cool rewards. You can still pick up a custom one-of-a-kind guild hall t-shirt and other goody bag prizes, and there are still spots open for a raid run with the officers or a game of Card Against Humanity with Scott Johnson. But you need to hurry! The Kickstarter ends tomorrow, Oct 11th.


Even if you don’t back the Kickstarter, or even have a ticket to BlizzCon, if you’re anywhere nearby, you really need to come experience the AIE Guild Hall. It’s free to all AIE members, even if you don’t play WoW, and will be full of food, fun, and a number of special guests. How special? So special we’re not even allowed to tell you who they are, but trust me, you’ll want to be there. And if you can’t be there in person, tune in to the live stream and chat room and join in on the fun from wherever you are.



This week we’re giving a shoutout to AIE members Althemage and Aeos, hosts of the Azeroth Roundtable podcast, where they cover World of Warcraft along with with a touch of news, and an open discussion about various topics. They usually have a guest from the WoW community, whether it be podcaster, segment producer, or blogger.


If you’re a member of AIE and host a podcast, have written a book, published a web comic, or have done anything else extraordinary, we want to brag about you on the show. Send details about your awesomeness to us at, and be sure to let us know if we need to warn people if it’s not quite family-friendly.


And with that, let’s get into AIE in The Secret World…



Everything’s a secret!  So, no news!  See ya!  Have a good night!  😀


RattoZatto’s contest is ending after this live broadcast.  For those who’re listening/watching live, I’ll post a link to the contest, once the show is off the air, the winner will be selected, and contacted.  (


Whispering Tide Event:  Talk about phase 1 (Pure metal turn-in.  Keep it short, it’s over).  Talk about Phase 2 (Keep it short, it’s over).  Talk about Phase 3 and what happened on patch 1.7.4


Issue 8 title revealed!  The Venetian Agenda, MMORPG had an article about what Joel has officially announced.  It seems there will be no new Auxiliary weapon in this update.  Should we talk about TestLive changes?  Anything in there is subject to change.


New member to the Funcom Team!  The game has a new, but experienced programmer on staff.


Talk about the 3 regular weekly activities.  Nightmare Modes, Progression Night, Lair Night.  We’ve had a few live streams happen.  Perhaps they will happen in the future.  A big thanks to Durras for getting Chief Sarcan in touch with AIE.


Halloween event is coming Soon™.  It will be a repeat from Issue (2? 3?), The Cat God.  In addition, we will have a new quest storyline involving urban legends on Solomon Island.


The game is Buy-To-Play, normally running for $30, but if you check any number of online merchants, they can run a sale for about 50%.  There’s no real need to buy any of the DLC Issues (5-7) until you’ve completed the Story chain mission, that is included with the initial buy-in, as well as the content from Issues 1-4.


Review the benefits of a subscription:

  • 1200 Bonus Points (Spends like Funcom Points, but if they’re unspent after 6 months, they go away.

  • 10% discount on all items in the in-game store.  Effectively, you get a 1320 Bonus Points with the discount.

  • On the first of each month, there’s an exclusive cosmetic item given to all subscribers.

  • You can claim, and use the Time Accelerator, an item that gives bonus XP on monster kills that lasts for 1 hour, and has a 16 hour cooldown.  Effectively “rest XP”.

  • Every month a subscriber gains some Loyalty Points that can unlock exclusive cosmetic items, Essence Extractors, and the Reconstructor.



And that’s our show for tonight, we want to thank everyone for joining us…


Before we go, Ratto, do you want to tell people where they can find you?

Facebook: AIE:TSW

@RattoZatto  Check out Chief Sarcan’s live streams over at


Kamiel. how can people follow you?

[Twitter :Kamiel_AIE ]


Grim, where do you hang out on the web?

[Grim twitter handle, website, etc.]

Twitter: Sundryphotos

Next week we’ll be talking to Abovan about AIE launching into Final Fantasy!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Epic Diapers

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– AIE Raid Wrapup

– Azeroth Archives

– MegaMinute

– Other, Much Lesser-Known Shas of Pandaria

– Overly Dramatic News, WoW Edition


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