AIE Podcast Ep 166 – We’ll Fix It In Post

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
– The Kickstarter is kickin’ it!
– The Hat is halfway there
– Can you keep a secret? Yes you can!
– Email from the Final Frontier
– And we talk with Maxx and Sema about AIE in a galaxy far, far away.
All that and more coming up right now…

Welcome to The AIE Podcast episode #166. Broadcasting from the AIE Podcast Emergency Battle Bridge in a stormy Southern Alabama, this is Acuzod. (“Greetings. This… is AcuZod”) Joining me from the Pet Podcast Studio on the other side of the continent is Alludra. (“Hey AIE, I think you’re awesome”). Unfortunately Ghomus couldn’t make it tonight, he’s locked in a raid with the Real Life boss. We just hope he gets loot.

This week we are joined by two special guests who are here to talk to us about AIE in SWTOR.

First lets welcome Maxx.

And we also have Sema…

Ok, we’ll be digging into SWTOR shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…


The Blizzcon Guild Hall Kickstarter has met its goal! That’s right everyone, you have helped us fund the amazing guild hall that we all know and love, congratulations!! But there’s still time left on the clock and it seems we are going to have some stretch goals set up soon to aspire to! Keep your eyes on the page everyone!

And speaking of guild fundraisers the AIE Pass the Hat drive has hit 50%! We have reached half our goal for funding the things that help make AIE work, like the forums, the websites, the various services we have, all that fun stuff!! If you would like to chip in and help out, head on over to the fundraiser site and give it a look!

Win a steam copy of the secret world! Rattozatto on the forums is holding a contest where you, yes you! Can win a copy of the secret world! You are going to need a facebook(!) account for this one folks.

Hotfixes hotfixes hotfixes! World of warcraft just received a balancing patch on october 2nd! They have re-tuned some of the raids, changed some of the classes, and even messed with pet battles! For all the latest info check out the patch notes.

Did you ever want your very own starfleet email address? Well now is your chance! Head on over to and get one! It’s just $15 a year, which is a lot cheaper than four years at the academy!

Links to everything covered in this week’s news can be found in the show notes on our website,, so with that, it’s time for our Podcast Spotlight…



This week we’re giving a shoutout to Eade, Wolfshade, Adobe, Pitango, and Hathorr, hosts of the My Epic Heals podcast. The Podcast for All Things Healing in the World of Warcraft. It’s a great podcast if you’re a healer or interested in what healers are thinking, though it may not be considered family friendly, so listen to it away from lowbie ears. You can catch it at,

And with that…



  • The Amazing Race: SWTOR Edition

    • Recap of race – five weeks on Tuesday nights, guild event

      • Prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd each night, prizes overall, 1M credits, speeders, pets

    • Week 1 – Tatooine, baloon ride, trivia contest, PvP roadblock (defeat an officer 3x)

    • Week 2 – Magenta crystal run, Tauntaun data run, Tatooine, Hoth, Ilum

    • Week 3 – pub crawl, 12 possible items, unknown points for each, jump in the Sarlac pit

    • Week 4 – Nar Shadda, memorial spot, faction house search for Officers in costume

    • Week 5 – Party at the Enclave on Voss, points for screenshots in the photobucket, prizes for all

  • Operations teams moving into new content that dropped this week

  • Overlapping operations teams

    • LoL, SUP, Taco Harder, Battle Team Royal with Cheese, Size Matters

    • Variety of 8, 16, Story and Hard mode teams, space available typically on Wednesdays

  • Tuesday night flash point type content fun ad-hoc groups

  • Facebook page for AIE: SWTOR

  • The SWTOR Escape Pod Cast

SWTOR Update 2.4

  • Oricon

    • Story line – discovery of the secret base of the dread masters, tracking them to their front door

    • Daily missions – upon completion of story line

    • Reputation – including new rep rewards, armor sets, new TaunTaun, etc.

    • Achievements – tracking the commanders

    • Dread Fortress Operation

    • Dread Palace Operation

    • New armor tier

  • 4v4 Arenas

    • Three new 4v4 arenas to queue for

      • Orbital Station Arena

      • Tatooine Canyon Arena

      • Corellia Square Arena

    • Best of three format once you enter the arena, deathmatch, last standing wins

    • All ranked PvP is now limited to the 4v4 arenas, 8v8 ranked is on hold for now although those are still in the regular PvP queue rotation

  • Other minor updates

    • Very minor class updates in general with slightly more for the Vanguard and Power Tech, forcing a talent reset

    • Updates to make the GTN more usable

    • More places dye can be used on special armor

    • Cargo hold access in the Cartel Market area on the Fleet, no more lame sandwich

And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Maxx and Sema for joining us!


Maxx, do you want to tell people how to find you?


Sema, where can people see what you’re up to?


Next week we’ll be talking to RattoZatto about AIE in The Secret World.


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Overly dramatic news

– Ask Miss mulgra

– Alludra’s pets

– Mega Minute

– Azeroth Archives

– Hailing Frequencies


But first, if you need to reach us…

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Until next time, AIE.

– This is Acuzod

– This is Alludra

And this has been… The AIE Podcast.