AIE Guild Hall at Blizzcon Update

blizzcon 2013 announced







Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a little time and let you all know what is going on with the AIE Guild Hall.

As many of you know we have raised $5,686.00 dollars for the operation of this year’s guild hall.  I wanted to thank all our contributors that generously donated to the cause.  Thank you so very much!

In the next week we will be providing updates on the days and times of operation of the hall and a schedule of events.  We have already been contacted by a few other podcasts who would like to record in the guild hall.  We will be creating a schedule of times that you can request to do so, and they will be available on a first come first served basis with priority of course going to The Instance!, the World of Warcraft podcast so you don’t have to.

Care to help volunteer and help make the Guild Hall run as smoothly as possible?  We will be posting information on that very soon.

And as always if you plan to be in attendance at the Guild Hall we highly encourage you to register to our Meetup group and RSVP.

We hope to see you in a few weeks!