AIE Podcast Ep 165 — Remember That Time We Got Robbed on EvE

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– The Kickstarter has kickstarted!

– Final Fantasy is finally official!

– Wiki-Wiki-WIki!

– Meetups Galore!

–  And we talk with Hoots about Spreadsheets In Space!

All that and more coming up right now…


We have a new guildie of the moment! Everyone give three cheers to Mutang! He’s a nomination from a fellow guildie who wrote in to tell us this:

Good morning officers,


Wanted to throw a quick shoutout to a fellow guildie named Mutang

(Tauren Hunter, Audacia) who provided a good half hour worth of free IT

help for me this morning. I’m a big believer in positive feedback for

people that do the right thing, and this guy went above and beyond. Just

wanted to let y’all know! Thanks for keeping the best guild on the

planet in good order.


Bricksquad (Formerly known as Teradar)

90 Orc shammy, AIE Salus

Thanks for letting us know Bricksquad! And thank you Mutang, for helping us keep the AIE experience positive! If you know someone who exemplifies the AIE spirit, please let us know at!


The Kickstarter for the AIE Blizzcon Guild Hall is active as of today! This will prove to be a great event, and we’re hoping to do both OUR podcast and a live The Instance show from there! Help contribute and make this happen!  We’re already at almost 25% towards this after just a few hours.There are several tiers you can choose to back, with great rewards including swag bags, t-shirts, a chance to run a raid with the WoW officers, and even a game of Cards Against Humanity with Scott Johnson! As a note, the kickstarter for this one is a little shorter than usual, only 15 days!


<cue final fantasy victory sound effect>

As expected, the host of games AIE has ventured into has gotten bigger! This week, Final Fantasy has entered settlement phase and is “AIE Official!” UMAMI support has been added and all the details can be found on the forums!


Those of you in AIE World of Warcraft, and interested in how we’re doing raid-wise, will definitely want to check out our Raid Team Summary and Raid Progression wiki pages, which list the raid teams in AIE WoW and how far they have progressed. We have some great raiding posts in the forums, but digging through the forums to see how many raid teams we have or how they’re doing is not very efficient. That kind of information is perfect for our Wiki. Rowna has made several changes to the Raid Team Summary page, trying to get as many of the raiding teams that were already there updated, and adding the ones that weren’t, and the Raid Progression page is showing If Looks Could Kill is far in the lead, downing Iron Juggernaut in Gates of Retribution. The wiki is open for all AIE members to edit, so if your team isn’t up there, then you can go ahead and add them.


And now it’s even easier! Stigg has updated the wiki to use a graphical editor that makes editing the wiki just like editing a forum post. No more having to learn wiki code to make a good looking update to the page. So there’s no excuse for not jumping in. Just go to and sign in with your UMAMI name and password. There’s room for every game and every topic, so if you don’t see something there you think should be, just add it!


And speaking of raiding, for those of you on any raid team in any AIE game, don’t forget Sihx is looking to hear what you’ve done so he can add it to the Raid Wrapup segment he produces for this podcast. Send all the details of your latest accomplishment to him at and you’ll get to hear your raid team on the segment!


Meetups! There are a ton of new ones. Those party people in Phoenix still have their thread up in the forums,  and it looks like the folks in Colorado are also getting in on the action. All this while new meetups are being added all to the site! Don’t let the fun only happen in game!


The fundraiser for AIE Events and Costs in general is doing pretty well! We’re at JUST under 50% of our goal with 66 people having donated so far! Thanks to those of you that donated, every little bit helps! This runs to the end of the year so chip in if you can!



This evening we’d like to give a shoutout to  Alachaas, AltheMage, and Leeta, hosts of the Geektopia podcast. If you couldn’t guess, Geektopia is about all things geeky.including topics like Game of Thrones, Old School gaming, the Phoenix ComicCon, and Doctor Who. They record bi-weekly Saturday nights, usually at 7pm Pacific. You can catch them at or follow the show at @geektopiashow. If you are a member of the AIE community and host a podcast, we want to tell people about it. Email us your podcast details at




[Guests, put your show notes here.]


War.  War never changes.  Or.  Well.  It does end eventually, for the losers.


Project Red Aruba and Aftermath

  • Tricking a ‘Titan’ into helping install a shipping and tax empire.


AIEU Leadership Shakeup!

  • The Departure of the Old Guard. How EVE is different than other games, and how AIE is not immune from theft.

  • Return of Stigg Cooperii as CEO.


State of the Corporation at 10:00pm ET (immediately after this podcast)


EVE Online: Rubicon — The Winter Expansion Announced! Literally, it was just announced at like five hours ago.


  • New super expensive faction (Sisters of EVE) ships.

  • “Certificates” being replaced by “Interbus Ship ID System.”

  • Giant. Tractor. Beams.

    • How were these not in the game already!!!?

  • Boring ship changes, but lots of them.



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank hoots for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to Maxx from swtor.


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Azeroth Archives

– Hailing Frequencies

-Overly Dramatic News

– Other, Much Lesser-Known Shas of Pandaria


But first, if you need to reach us, we can be found everywhere!

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Until next time AIE.

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