AIE Blizzcon Guild Hall 2013 KickStarter is live!

Kickstarter-logoAIE has a tradition of hosting guild meetups at events like BlizzCon, Dragon Con and more.  Help us continue this tradition.

Alea Iacta Est (AIE) began in 2007 as a World of Warcraft Horde Guild that was started on Earthen Ring(US) by the creators, friends and fans of the podcasts The Instance, Extralife Radio, Buzz Out Loud, Jawbone Radio and Mahalo Daily.Since then, it has grown into a community of several thousand players across several multi-player games and Steam.

In 2010 and 2011, AIE hosted a Guild Hall at Blizzcon.  A large conference room with tables and seating was rented.  Swag, a bar, and a monitor with the live stream of Blizzcon was setup there. There was even  a live video stream from the room for all members that could not be there in person to view and virtually participate in the fun.  It was a great opportunity to hang out with guildies and meet up with friends both new and old.  And the good times were not limited to those with hard to get Blizzcon tickets–many attendees came for the Guild Hall fun and never even went in to the convention center.  To top it off, there were live recordings of the AIE Podcast and The Instance.

We want to continue the tradition but we need your help.  All this fun is not free.  In the past, guild officers and others covered the costs themselves but that’s a lot to ask of a few people.  So instead, Scott Johnson and the Frogpants team have offered to come on board and do that magic they do so well for Nerdtacular each year and help us raise the funds and put together the best Guild Hall possible.