AIE Podcast Ep 161 — The Gruul is Not Enough

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

DragonCon in the East and PAX in the West!

Hearthstone has captured our interest!

SW:TOR’s Amazing Race in full swing!

Ayhood and Healarious joins us to chat about Rift!

All that and more coming up right now…



In case you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest this weekend, OR this tiny thing down in the south east, you can look and find AIE peoples there! PAX, in Seattle, and DragonCon in Atlanta both should have a variety of folks there! Check and the forums for information surrounding such! There’s also a Group me up for the dragon con folks, for easier communication (I don’t know how it works!)


Not to leave OTHER areas of the country out, but if you happen to be in the Phoenix, AZ area, there is a raid on Chino Banditos happening tomorrow night! That’s Friday, August 30, check the page for more details!


Members of AIE In Colorado are also putting out feelers on the forums discussing a possible meetup! So far the denver metro area is under discussion. If you would like to attend, the discussion is looking really positive, so head on over to the forums and participate! Or at least help set a good date and time!


Coming back from a break? Or having a friend come back after an extended leave? Well don’t worry, we at AIE remember you! There is no need to fill out an application unless you are creating a new character. Just hop into AIELFO on your old character, and we can get you into the guild quickly. (And yes! You need an application for each toon! We also like to know when you have name changed!)


Big news from the AIE Warcraft front! We have promotions! Tetsemi, keeper of the spreadsheets and lord of the numbers has been promoted to Praetorian. Yes! We decided that even as an officer he was seeing way too much play time in game! (He was even on a raid team guys!) In other news the officers have further decided to disrupt play time by promoting member MewKow to centurion. Posts will be going up on the forums shortly for your congrat-u-dolances.


Looking for a fun event in AIE SWTOR on tuesday night? Well look no further! Emperor pel-patene (sp?) is holding the amazing race, of swtor! Our gracious leader has even seen fit to make the rules more flexible so that more can participate! Want to play? Well check out the forums for the full list of rules, and be in ventrilo at 9pm eastern this tuesday! And if you missed the first week, don’t worry! You can still participate!


There might’ve been a closed beta launch of a certain Blizzard Property, and I was looking around, I certainly didn’t SEE an NDA surrounding this, so yes! Hearthstone is in the hands of some lucky folks! Blizz seems to be giving keys away every week, we tried to get some keys to give away for the show, no such luck yet!

Do you have a cinder kitten?? Why the heck not??? Well if you are one of those who have been holding out for a sale, guess what! now is your time to shine!! The cinder kitten is 25% off for this week only, bringing the price down to 7.50! So head on over to the blizzard store and pick yourself up a pet!


And since we are still on blizzard news, world of warcraft has announced that they will be publishing their next patch on September 10th! Yes, all that 5.4 goodness will be out that day!! So get your alts geared! Get your toons at the ready! And for goodness sakes level those battle pets! The celestial tournament is coming and you don’t wanna be left out!! …oh and something about garrosh.


OMG blizzard seriously?? More news?? Fine! Barcodes for Blizzcon have been emailed out. Please make sure that if you purchased tickets that you check your spam folders for those all important bar codes that will get you into the show.


This last tuesday saw an update for the secret world! Various bugs were fixed in this patch including several crash fixes, errors, and some oddness going on with one of the PVP ques! For full patch notes check the official site which we have linked right in the shownotes.


The bounders bounty event is going on in middle earth! This is an in game event in LOTRO event to help the shire. don’t worry though the hobbits are very generous and grateful for your help and willing to compensate you for your work in turning in Bounder’s tokens. The Devs are pulling out all the stops with this event, they have a formal announcement and a developer diary that doesn’t give much away! The event also comes with a handful of bug fixes and updates you would expect to find in a big patch. Dux on the forums was nice enough to round up all this in one place.


And not to be left out Star Trek online has announced that you can win a rare Jem’hadar “bug” ship by opening Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Packs. There are other great prizes to be found as well, but this is exciting for anyone who missed the event to win a ‘bug’ ship!


There is a strong rumour that Final Fantasy 14 might’ve launched in the past two weeks while we were gone, but it’s hard to tell! But seriously, apart from a somewhat shaky launch because of capacity problems (who knew people liked Final Fantasy?!), the servers have appeared to started to stabilize. There are a TON of discussion threads from your officers and other guildmates, so as always, check the forums!



Sad News:


1) General Rift stuff

We are on the Deepwood shard and, while either faction can join, we are primarily defiant.  (talk about how to join the guild)


For those of you that don’t know much about Rift, why do we like it and perhaps why should someone pick it up?

-Free to play: yes there are a few limitations but you can see all of the content for free.

-Patron perks: 10% store discount, 15% currency bonus, 10% mount speed, 40% xp/notoriety/tokens/prestige/favor vials are very helpful: last 2 hrs, accrue 1 per day, max of 7

-Characters: each calling (class) has nine souls (specs) and any three souls can be combined to make your character build (like the old wow 3-pane talents).  premade builds in game are good enough to get started

-XP: while there are quests, dungeons, and pvp, there are also instant adventures, rifts (talk them up!), onslaughts, chronicles (solo or duo instances at level 50 and 60, currently 6 of them), zone events and world events.

-Planar attunement – pa xp begins at 50, gives stat and cooldown bonuses and is shared across your account! think of it as the old EQ AA pts

-For the fashionistas, there are wardrobe slots, transfiguration (transmog in wow), and upgradeable gear (similar to voidbinders in wow)

-For explorers and collectors, there are cairns (secret locations to find), zone puzzles to solve, artifacts to collect

-Crafting – if you want to pay, you can have all 9 crafting and gathering professions on one character (which I do and it’s awesome!)


-Mentoring down to help lower level players – makes doing dungeons more fun and more challenging

2) What to do at 60

With a bunch of players hitting level 60, we want to talk about what things there are to do at 60.  You can do anything to gain planar attunement experience to improve your character.  Some level 60 specific things are chronicles, expert dungeons and raids.

What game would be complete without notoriety (rep) grinds!?  What are the endgame notorieties and what do they get you?

-torvan hunter and lycini get you the best lesser and greater essences for your planar focus/soul machine (hunt rifts and great hunt rifts)

-dendrome, newish lvl 60 zone, has three reps: empyreal alliance (dps trinket, trinket runes), achyati (tank trinket, ring runes), hailol (healing trinket, seal runes) so it’s worth it to eventually get all three

If you want to run expert dungeons, how do you gear up for them?

-Crafted gear will get you to the required 300 hit/toughness easily.  RiftScene has a great best-in-slot calculator which I’ve linked in several posts recently.

If you want to raid, how do you gear up for them?

-After getting geared for experts, getting to 400 hit/toughness for raids is a little more work.  There are a few expert dungeon drops/expert dungeon mark gear will get you to 400.

3) Upcoming stuff/news

What is on the PTR (public test realm)?

-Revamped old dungeon for level 60 (twisted realm of the fae) is supposedly really good but I haven’t checked it out personally.


What is coming in the next expansion?

-Each calling can fulfill every role in some capacity (tank, dps, heal, support).


-lower plat cost of dimension keys

-cross-shard instant adventures


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Azeroth Archives

Mod Shop

Overly Dramatic News

Alludra’s Pets


Ask Miss Mulgra

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