AIE Podcast Ep 158 – The Summer of Love Special Episode

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
– It’s our Summer of Love Special Episode!
That’s right, lots of love coming up right now…


Welcome to The AIE Podcast episode #158. The Summer of Love Special Episode! Broadcasting from the AIE Secondary Stage in Central Alabama, this is AcuZod. Joining me from the West Coast, out in beautiful Southern California, is Alludra. (“Hey AIE, I think you’re awesome”). Not joining us from his sickbed, is Ghomus! He came down with a nasty tummy bug this week, and is out of commision this evening. But don’t fret! Filling his shoes tonight, we have AIE’s own grand poobah, Lanctharus!


And with that, let’s jump into this week’s special episode, starting with Summer of Love News…

The AIE Summer of Love is going full swing! There are daily events that are going on for everyone! Yesterday (Wednesday) there was a pet battle tournament that was won by Nagozic or @angerfork on twitter! For the full results of the tournament check the show notes, as Nevermore was kind enough to post an image of the brackets.
Alludra~no, I didn’t compete I watched though!

And speaking of the summer of love, tonight’s (Thursday night’s) World of Warcraft event is the scavenger hunt! It starts at 9 pm server so…it’s going on now! 😀 If you are interested, hurry over to World of Warcraft and get in there! Meanwhile SWTOR is right now holding chain heroic runs! They are starting at the low level planets and chaining upward until everyone logs from exhaustion! Details for this event are also on the forums!

Remembrance Day is tomorrow folks! Friday August 2nd is one of AIE’s biggest traditions, the Remembrance Day march.

  • World of Warcraft’s gathering will be at 10pm server, starting at the Shrine of the Fallen Hero in The Barrens. As always, we ask that you come to the event unarmed. We will be marching back to Orgrimmar at a walk. Bring your horde balloon and prepare for a firework extravaganza afterward.
  • SWTOR will be having a remembrance day event as well, starting at Alderaan in the Juran Mountains at 10pm PST. They also ask that members arrive early to de flag if they need to and to stow their weapons.
  • The Secret World’s event will be starting in the chapel on Kingsmith Island at 10pm Eastern time. Rare hunting to follow the event.
  • LOTRO will be holding their remembrance day event at 10pm Eastern on the hill above the prancing pony in Bree. They also ask that you come unarmed.

No matter which game you have decided to attend the officers strongly encourage you to log into vent to listen to the proceedings. Some even go as far to suggest that you log into World of Warcraft if you have never attended a remembrance day event, using a temporary free trial account. The warcraft event will also be live streamed and up on

The Summer of Love World of Warcraft is going to end with a COOP run on Saturday August 3rd at 9pm. Please note, this is not a bear run but fun is promised! (And who doesn’t like fun?) Full details about the run are up in the forums.


Finally, we have some special messages from AIE members worldwide about what makes AIE special for them…

Email from Revenar: Unlike other guilds I have been in over the years, AIE is truly a community that extends beyond the virtual walls of the games we play. AIE spans multiple games, and includes people of all types. When I joined AIE last winter, I was very close to quitting WoW completely, but my experiences in the guild not only renewed my interest in the game, but also led me to explore some other games with an AIE presence in them. Even as a new member, I was welcomed into the guild just like anyone else, and had the opportunity to run some instances and events that were next to impossible to get into on my old server.

But the biggest impact hasn’t necessarily been in-game for me in terms of actually playing the game. This community (and I can’t stress this term enough) has led me to want to help out/participate in the guild events such as Remembrance Day, and I’ve even started my own segment for the AIE Podcast as a way of saying “thank you” to the AIE Community as a whole. I’m looking forward to Dragon Con this year and the chance to meet some of these fellow AIE guildmates in person for the first time.

Email from -Shojobeat: Dearest AIE pod casters,

I have been in AIE since the end of BC. I have experienced so much laughter and good times that those experiences have forced me to stay in AIE till now and forever more! The best times I had during my WoW play in AIE was when I got invited to be an officer. I loved helping my guild mates and keeping the structure that AIE strives to maintain. I had to unfortunately step down from being an officer because I went back to school. But having experience as an officer helped me decide to get my degree in criminal justice. I owe AIE a huge thank you and *hugs* for helping me to be a better person and for being surrounded by the most awesome people that I will ever meet in my life. Thanks AIE. I love you guys 🙂

And now that we’ve heard from the rest of the community, it’s our turn to talk about what AIE means to us…


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank AIE for being such a great community to be a part of, and Lanctharus for joining us to talk about it. We’ll be back next week, at the same bat time, same bat channel.

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
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