The Battle for 6VDT-H – The Biggest Fight in Video Game History

Capital ships, some of the largest in the game, are shown here in the battle for 6VDT

This past Sunday afternoon, the largest battle in gaming history occurred and your AIE brethren were there as part of AIEU/TEST Alliance battling for TEST’s former home system, 6VDT-H, in the Fountain Region of New Eden. There were upwards of 4,000 Capsuleers in system and thousands more watching live streams.

Time Dilation, or Tidi, was at maxed at 10%, meaning for everyone 10 minutes that passed in the real world, 1 minute passed in game time.

A CCP employee confirmed the record numbers on Twitter while the battle was still occurring:

The fleet fight in 6VDT-H tonight is the largest ever in EVE, topping at 4070 pilots (so far). Previous was P-2TTL at 3615. #tweetfleet

— Erlendur (@erlendur) July 28, 2013

Monday morning mainstream media all over the WORLD was abuzz about the battle, becoming the highest shared story on BBC‘s Technology section for the day!

For those curious about the outcome, unfortunately we in AIEU/TEST lost and TEST alliance is now regrouping back in the Delve region while TEST undergoes some leadership and organization restructuring.

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