Congratulations Zethran (SWTOR)/ Cosmic Debris (Forums) Our newest GOTM!!

We have a new guildie of the moment! Everyone give three cheers to Zethran of SWTOR aka Cosmic Debris on the forums! This player is an awesome addition to AIE and many great things were said about her including:

  • She is right on top of SWTOR info as soon as it drops, and then posts it to the EL forums for the rest of us. Typically, if I hear there is new SWTOR news, I’ll check the forums and see she has already posted it.

  • She is that rare bird that is knowledgeable and able to communicate calmly and well with anyone of any level of ability. ¬†She is a gem.

  • Her knowledge of the game is unsurpassed among many of her peers and yet she’s humble enough to really be lovable.

So thank you Zethran for being an amazing addition to our community! And remember if you know someone who is awesome, makes AIE a better place or just helped you out when you really needed it, let the officers know by sending an email to!