AIE Podcast Ep 156 — The Summer of StEVE

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– AIE is up for an award!

– Hey AIE, we Love you!

– Need a break? Take a break!

– Blizzard wants your money to go to your head!

– And we talk with Beefmaster and Hoots about AIE in Steam and EVE Online

All that and more coming up right now…



It’s time for the The Dragon Slayer awards. These are fan selected awards for communities in Online Gaming. The awards focus on community managers, community builders and the community members of gaming. AIE has been nominated for the Best Online Community award, so spread the word –  Vote for AIE!


Hey guys, feeling tired? Don’t want to log into the game? Got a ton on your plate with summer activities?  Well the officers would like to remind you that AIE will always be here! Go ahead and take your breaks, combat burnout, or even jump games. If you get removed for inactivity, don’t worry, all members in good standing have to do to get back into the game is jump into AIELFO and ask for a re-invite!


The Summer of Love has been announced! July 29th – August 4th! This event is an old AIE tradition where we let our hair down and give back to the guild! Past events have included COOP Runs, The Running of the Beef, Dance parties, scavenger hunts, fishing clubs, costume contests and ninja buffers! Sophililia, our coordinator, has open slots for any guildie who has ideas about events! You don’t have to be an officer to sign up or make an event! Hit the thread for more information and to find out how you too can contribute to an awesome summer of love!

Addl message from Takemikazuch: Looking for someone who would be willing and capable of doing the fireworks for the service this year. I have the fireworks, all that’s needed is manpower and launchers. If anyone is willing to take this on, please let Tak and Sophilia know!


Local to the SF Bay area in California? The meetup at Harry’s Hofbrau has been moved to NEXT Sunday, July 28th, so it would not conflict with San Diego Comic Con this weekend. The forums have all the information regarding this. I won’t be able to attend this one because of my tabletop Shadowrun campaign, but if you can go, you should!


World of Warcraft is now offering transmog helms in their in game store! 15 dollars US will buy you horns made of fire, a helm of ice, or this odd death-y drippy looking thing. These helms are bind to account and are stored in the transmog vendor himself.


Guild Wars 2 is getting some great new content this July 23! The patch is called Cutthroat Politics! From the site “The explosive events of the Dragon Bash festival left the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch with a vacant seat. Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel and Black Lion Trader Evon Gnashblade both want to fill that seat – but neither of them can win it alone!”


Hey buddy, wanna buy a tribble? Wait, you don’t have to. As Takemikazuch posted in the AIE Star Trek Online forums, you can now get a FREE Nukara Tribble that generates a Nukara Mark every hour that it’s attached to your character. It’s only available for a limited time, so if you’re an STO player and might be taking a break from the game, be sure to log in to claim yours.


Don’t forget! AIE has a Greenwall in real life! We have our own Jabber server, so you can use your favorite chat client to chat with other AIE members who are also stuck out of game battling the dreaded Work boss. Instructions are on the forums and in the AIE Wiki.


Nerdtacular was a blast, but that’s not the only place AIE members get together in real life. We have our yearly gathering at DragonCon, our own three-day guild hall at Blizzcon, and several other local meet-ups on the calendar. Check out out our page at and RSVP for any events near you, or create your own!


And with that, it’s time to get back to our guests and find out what’s going on in Steam and EVE…






[Hoots] I don’t play EVE any more.  Civ V is amazing.



Fountain War Update.

  • Still ongoing

  • Explain a popular tactic in EVE Online.  Timezone warfare.

  • 9-VO0Q — Losing our first big system.


Best Fleet Ever? Experience

  • Part One: Stealing 6 billion ISK

  • Part Two: Bridging instead of Jumping

  • Part Three: The Tower Shield Incident


Alliance Tournament XI:

  • What’s the Alliance Tournament?

    • 64 Teams.  Two weekends.  The Best of the Best. (small gang pvp)

  • When is it?

    • This weekend, the 20th and the 21st, starting at 7:30am eastern running until about 6:00 eastern.

Stupidgenius’s Get Rich Quick Class.



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Hoots and Beefmaster for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to Ayhood about AIE in Rift

A: Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Hunter Talk

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Overly Dramatic News

– MegaMinute

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